We’re doing our best to protect Alaska. But we can’t do it alone.

We, the below named physicians and practitioners, stand in solidarity with the message delivered by our colleagues during the Anchorage Assembly meeting held Sept. 14. Our oaths and covenants are not taken lightly nor is our commitment to providing only scientifically sound and extensively substantiated curative and preventative medical care. COVID-19, like many other viral illnesses, has no known legitimate cure, though tireless research and development continue. Currently, treatment consists of supportive care built upon an expert understanding of subjects such as immunology, molecular biology, physiology and pharmacokinetics, to name but a few. While making healthy lifestyle choices remains vital, the only globally validated and FDA approved method to reliably reduce the risk of severe disease, disability and death from COVID-19 is to get vaccinated.

Each of us has dedicated our life to ensuring the well-being of our community members, even those who would threaten, scoff and treat us with disdain prior to finding themselves sick with not only COVID-19, but all manner of illness. In the midst of resource depletion leading to the rationing of care, we implore all Alaskans to consider the needs of our neighbors, children and especially elders by protecting them from needless suffering. This is best accomplished by becoming vaccinated if you are eligible. In addition, we ask that you continue to do the bare minimum: Wear a mask while interacting, wash your hands and get a free test for COVID-19 if you begin to feel ill.

We are and will continue to be here to care for you to the best of our abilities, but we cannot do it alone. Respectfully,

Robin Ninefeldt, MD

Lisa Linquist, MD

Ryan Webb, MD

Elizabeth Pietralczyk, MD


Steven Silvis, DO

Matthew Magruder, MD

Beth Baker, MD

Margaret Grinnell, MD

Rachel Samuelson, MD

Richard Anschuetz, MD

Cecily Reynolds, MD

James E. O’Malley, MD

Daniel Safranek, MD

Mario Binder, MD

Marek Mrtynowicz, MD

Lisa Gray, DO

Jake Miss, MD

Tom Kramer, MD

Jozef Ottowicz, MD

Barbara Piromalli, DO

Marianne Johnstone-Petty, DNP, ACHPN


Tonya Caylor, MD

Casey Gokey, MD

Ramzi Nassar, MD

Seth Workentine, MD

James McKinney, DO

Travis King Weaver, MD

Matthew Berenson, MD

Anne Musser, DO

Harold Johnston, MD

Dwight Gurley, MD

Tom Nighswander, MD, MPH

Chelsey Jacobs, PA-C

Eric Garby, MD

Jose Luna, MD

Shawna Hickel, DO

Kim Thomas, MD

Lisa Weston, APRN, CNM

Alicia Blenkush, DNP Scott Owens, MD

Betty Anderson, MD

Ellen Chirichella, MD


Erik Wortman, MD

Candice Schlafmann, DO

Katie Main, MD

Michelle Rothoff, MD

Even Evanson, PA-C

Stephen Ellison, MD


Catherine Kilby, MD

Amanda Lowe, MD

Ben Westley, MD

Daniel Volland, OD

Shannon Faber, MD

Tamar G. Marcotte, DO

Parin Seat, DO

Jonathan McDonagh, MD

Brad Wine, MD

Megan Gatlin, DO

Anthony Larson, MD

John Grace, MD

Maude Vance, MD, PhD

Mark Robiduox, MD

Matthew Shryock, FNP-C

Tanya Leinicke, MD

Jean Snyder, MD

Zachary Steiner, DO

Gene Quinn, MD

Katherine Naylor, MD

Kristine Polintan, ARNP

Ashok Rai, MD

William Longhurst, MD

Kaylin Dilbeck, MD

Nick Flickinger, DO

Ron Feigin, MD

Weston Tardy, MD

Alan Skolnick, MD

Priya Patel, MD

Kristen Solana Walkinshaw, MD

Allison Kelliher, MD

James Fabiszak, MD

April Dunlevy, ACNP-BC, APRN

Michael Mraz, MD

Keri Deboer, LCSW, MSW

David Ling, DO

Michelle Hensel, MD

Amanda Ellis, NP

Janice Koval, MD

Mark Caylor, MD

Anthony Rotello, PA

Roxanne Richards, MD

Melissa Hardesty, MD

Sharon W. Smith, MD

Hale Loofbourrow, MD

Amy Hart, ARNP

Juliana Shields, MD

David Dyer, DO

Sean Meadows, MD

Adam Mason, MD

Aaron Johnson, MD

Eileen Ha, MD

Karen McCreary, MD

Mary DeMers, DO

Karen Friedl, APRN

Carolyn Rader, MD

Thomas K. Hunt, MD

Allison Gibbs, MD

Meganne Hendricks, MD

Janine Miller, MD

Kali Staman, MD

Jean Snyder, MD

Rebekah Smith, MD

Dustin Lang, MD

Daron Dykema, MD

Allison van Haastert, MD

Natalie Ward, MD

Nicole Pressman-Schneider, MD

Liz de Schweinitz, MD

Frank Ellenson, MD

Ursula McVeigh, MD

Tamara Krimm, MD

Corina Hopkins-Vacca, MD

Vincent L. Imbriani, MD

Helen Adams, MD

Benjamin Shelton, MD

Tim Bateman, MD

Christy Kramer, DNP

Michele O’Fallon, MD

Tina Tomsen, MD

John Ballew, MD

Shari Morgan, MD

Emily Junck, MD

Jonathan Tower, PA-C

Richard Navitsky, MD

Lauren Poulson, PA

Sarah McCutcheon MD

Danny Mindlin, MD

Sarah E. Smith, MD

Sarah Murphy, MD

Carly Craig, MD

Ailinh Tran, MD

Douglas Haghighi, MD

Shawn Hadley, MD

Mary Stewart, MD

Toby Currin, DO

Maegan Lange, DO

Sar Medoff, MD

Andrzej Maciejewski, MD

Anson Cheng, MD

Heather Brock, APRN

Lindy Jones, MD

MarinGranholm, MD

Andrew T. Gray, PA-C

Shannon Faber, MD

Dan Korn, MD

Katherine Byrd, DO

Deana Glick, PA-C, MPH

Pebbles Shanley, MD

Michelle Randolph, MD

Rebecca Graves, DO

Leigh Martinez Wright, MD

Delana Eby, MD

Tara Wood, PA

Karen Mailer, MD

Melissa Liner, MD

Robert Finch, MD

Larry Smith, MD

Robert Church, MD

Ste’von Voice, DO

Leslie Bryant, MD

Madeleine Grant, MD

Emily McMahan, AUD

Justin Clark, MD

David Penn, MD

Kathy McCue, MD

Patricia Clay, MD, MPH

Laura Jones, MD

Laurie Montano, MD

Geronimo Sahagun, MD

Susan Heverling, MD

Bette Fenn, NP

Katie Buddenberg, DO

Brian Jeppesen, MD

Jessica Diab, MD

Casey Mapes, MD

Daryl M. McClendon, MD

Arron O’Callaghan, PA-C

Megan Clancy, MD

Jonathan Benaknin, DO

Andrea Caballero, MD

Clara Monheit, DO

Natalie Velasquez, MD

Jaime Oswald, MD

Irisa Devine, MD

Toni Biskup, MD, MPH

Tanya Leinicke, MD

Tracy Slager, DO

Breeta Oxnard, MD

Catherine Marzan, DO

Shannon Hilton, DNP

Allene Whitney, MD

Marilyn Sandford, MD

Bertha Tien, MD

Christina Rodriguez, MD

Mary Herrick, MD

Deanna Johnson, MD

Julie Hood, MD

Melinda Rathkopf, MD

Christine Woods, DO

Nathan Lee, DO

Stephanie Chen, MD

Dzung Nguyen, DO

Triin Minton, MD

Shawna Wilson, ANP-C

Victoria Lee Murdock, MD

Katherine Senter, MD

Robert Bundtzen, MD

Pamela Williams, DO

Matt Dudley, DO

Chris Zerger, MD

Erin Royal, MD

Amanda Bailey, APRN

Julie Castle, MD

Megan Ritter, MD

Gina Wilson-Ramirez, MD

Heather Githens, APRN

Linda Ireland, DO

Lior Dolgonos, MD

Joseph Lestina, MD

Nicholas Papacostas, MD

Wandall W. Winn, MD

Julia Herbert, MD

Elke Neuenschwander, MD

Tanya Kirk, ANP, CNM

Stephanie Richardson, MD

Tiffany K. Peterson, MD

Andre Godet, MD

Susie Dietz, MD

Jack Pomerantz, MD

Mackenzie Slater, MD

Elizabeth Martinez, DO

Lisa Alexia, PA-C

Chad Barnes,MD

Saket Ambasht, MD

SethKrauss, MD

TerinMartinjak, MD

Sonja Lynm, DO

Monique L. Child, MD

EmilyOlsen, MD

Leslie Gonsette, MD

Lisa Lepine, MD

Jacob P. Kelly, APRN

Merijeanne Moore, DO

Alexandra Davis, MD

Samuel Castles, MD

Marah Gotesik, MD

Erik Hauswald, MD

Chase Gulstrom, DO

Clifford Ellingson, MD

Laurie Zimmer, MD

Connie Chevalier, APRN

Crystal Imperato, DO

Jane Heisel, MD

Jonathan Casuerella, MD

Jane Heisel, MD

Nathan Friederichs, PA-C

Rachel Wixson, FNP

Amala Kanury, MD

Dennis Linderman, DO, MPH

Joe Kolba, MD

Nicholas Cosentino, DO

Greg Gerboth, MD

Leslie Cayco-Travis, DO

Scotty Orr, OTD

Jaime Butler, MD

David Telford, MD

Summer Engler, MD

April Rodriguez, MD

David Otten, MD

Tim Salbaugh, MD

Ivan Ramirez, MD

Erica Defsman, MD

Richard Hallock, MD

Jes Sotelo, MD

Sherry Johnson, DO

Elise Pletnikoff, MD

Peggy Cobey, ANP, MPH

Stephen Livingston, MD

Nell Loftin, MD

Jana Linfield, MD

Gina Brown, MD

Michael Jones, MD

Dorothy Shearn, MD

Katie Brooks, MD

Reid Haflich, MD

John Riley, PA-C

Victoria Fanslow, MD

Ryan Corrick, MD

Peter Mjos, MD

Edwin Lee, MD

Shadi Battah, MD

Bradley K. Cruz, MD

Eric Maurer, MD

Traci Sickich, ANP

Michael Landon Smith, MD

Daniel Suver, MD

Ruth Dukoff, MD

Javid Kamali, MD

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