OPINION: More dirty tricks from the political establishment

Surprise, surprise -- the political establishment is circling the wagons in a last-ditch effort to control Alaska’s sole seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a recent commentary, Alaska GOP Chairwoman Ann Brown made a disingenuous argument trying to make the case that Alaska Republicans should vote for a candidate who has now lost to Sarah Palin in three consecutive elections. While outrageously insinuating that the Alaska Republican Party does not play favorites because there are two Republicans in the race, Brown directly encouraged voters who have supported Sarah to switch their votes to the establishment’s preferred candidate, even though he has a track record of attracting significantly less support -- not to mention Democrat support. And that’s despite the fact that he’s had the Republican Party’s official endorsement from the very beginning. Now they’re on to an email campaign -- do you think it is about the Democrats’ policies that are destroying our country? No, of course not; it’s about not voting for Sarah Palin.

If party leaders and special interest donors really cared about making sure the people of Alaska are well represented in Congress, they would have spent the campaign attacking the Democratic policies that are destroying the country, as Sarah has done, instead of waging a scorched-earth campaign against her.

Party loyalty certainly matters. But contrary to what the establishment believes, it’s not the only thing that matters. It doesn’t matter more than doing the right thing. The political establishment doesn’t see things that way, though, because all they care about is enriching themselves and amassing more power.

I’m a Republican, but for the first time ever, I’m seriously considering a move out of “party” politics and becoming what so many good Alaskans are -- undeclared/nonpartisan. Because what good does it do to support lower taxes if you’re in bed with the lobbyists and special interest groups, taking kickbacks while allowing them to rob our state blind? What’s the point of marching for life if you’re too scared to do anything to protect life when you have the chance? How can you claim to support limited government while drinking from the trough of federal largesse?

Alaskans see right through the establishment charade. We know the difference between career politicians who are only out for themselves and public servants who actually care about making things better for our state and our country. Trust me: The establishment candidate in this race is not more “electable.” That kind of thinking has cost conservatives too many elections to count.

I call on voters to turn out in greater numbers and cast more strategic votes in November to make sure that the most popular Republican candidate emerges victorious and reclaims Alaska’s at-large congressional seat for the people. That candidate is the people’s favorite, not the establishment’s favorite -- and that’s just how it should be.


Kris Perry is campaign manager for Sarah Palin’s U.S. House campaign, Sarah for Alaska.

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