OPINION: We’re former staff members and friends of Don Young. We support Mary Peltola for U.S. House.

We, the undersigned former staff and friends of Congressman Don Young, write to offer our full endorsement of Mary Peltola in her reelection campaign. We know she is the right choice to advance the interests of all Alaskans in the U.S. House of Representatives. Her commitment to running a positive race, bipartisan approach to public service, and legislative priorities that put Alaska at the forefront underpin the basis of our endorsement.

Mary Peltola respects Congressman Young’s legacy of service and has already taken concrete steps to advance his efforts. She hired his most recent Chief of Staff, as well as his Scheduler, helping ensure continuity on Alaska’s legislative priorities. Peltola also quickly reintroduced a slate of eight bills that Congressman Young championed, which reflect his positions on a broad range of issues. Additionally, she introduced and passed a bill through the House to reduce food insecurity for veterans, a longstanding focus for Congressman Young.

Notably, throughout her campaign, Mary Peltola has supported the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which Congressman Don Young was instrumental in drafting and passing. Mary Peltola appreciates the tremendous benefit this law brings — and will continue to bring — to Alaska in terms of investment in our roads, bridges, harbors and rural broadband access.

Mary Peltola and members of her family were longtime friends of Congressman Young. She would stop by to see him whenever she was in Washington, D.C., and had a strong personal connection with him. When Peltola testified as a witness before the House Natural Resources Committee last year, it was at the invitation of Congressman Young. It is fitting she now sits on that very committee.

Mary Peltola is the best person to fill Alaska’s only seat in the U.S. House. We encourage you to cast your vote for her in the upcoming election.

Jack Ferguson, Zack Brown, Pamela Day, Mike “Keawe” Anderson, Nicole Desrochers, Linda Harrigan, Holly Croft, Meredith Kenny, Christine Williams, Gail Schubert and Martha Newell-Kinsman are former staff members and friends of Don Young.

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