Letters to the Editor

Letter: Everything hinges on Supreme Court

I have significant concerns that Sen. Lisa Murkowski must understand with regard to President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nomination, which boil down to the danger she would place the women of this country in with a vote for Brett Kavanaugh, and I believe that a president under investigation for actions that could found to be treasonous should not get to choose a Supreme Court justice.

The fact that Sen. Murkowski is not feeling the intensity of protest she felt earlier with regard to the health care issue has a simple explanation. People are exhausted by having to constantly react against the daily examples of our president's dangerous folly and ineptitude, and are both saddened and sickened by the GOP's failure to stand up to him.

I urge Sen. Murkowski in the strongest possible terms to demand that any vote be delayed until the Mueller investigation is complete and the next elections have taken place. Furthermore, she should demand the release of all of Kavanaugh's background documents before a vote is taken and vote no on this ill-advised appointment as her constituents, many of whom voted for her based on her stand on protecting the reproductive health of women, have a right to expect.
Sen. Murkowski should stand up to McConnell and stand up for her constituents and women's reproductive rights. The fate of the nation is in her hands.
— Sharon Winner

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