Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bipartisan cooperation

There is so much divisive behavior in our political world today that we are not recognizing when our Congress does work together. There has been bipartisan support for further funding for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria this year this Congress.

Each of our Alaska Republican members recognize that these diseases threaten Alaskans, especially TB, as it is an airborne pathogen. The $4.6 billion replenishment for the next three years is projected to save 16 million lives and avert 234 million infections or cases and improve the lives of millions more. Since 2002, the Global Fund has helped save 32 million lives by combating these three preventable diseases.

Because the fund partners with the governments of the countries its employees serve in, it is able to reach marginalized and often overlooked communities. For the price of a cup of coffee, my tax share (U.S.) can be invested in saving another 16 million lives.

It would appear that more people are becoming involved with their communities, a movement, and volunteer organizations. For 40 years, through RESULTS, a citizen’s advocacy group defeating poverty, we have see that bipartisan cooperation and compromise is still a democratic means of being involved. Choose one, any one, and put some of your energy into a cause.

— Mary Martin


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