Letters to the Editor

Letter: The cost of free money

Let’s take a look at this stimulus money the federal government is lavishing down on us. $600 last year and $1,400 this year for a cool $2,000. That is some serious money.

So, what did it cost us? They have spent $4 trillion on stimulus programs. There are about 330 million souls in the United States, that means the government spent about $12,100 per person to get you $2,000. Doesn’t seem like a good deal. You don’t have to pay that $12,100 now, it is debt you owe. A debt you, your kids or grandkids will have to pay in the future. Kind of like a bank loan.I am sure you can use the $2,000, but it cost you $12,100 to get it. For those of you who didn’t qualify for a check, too bad, but you still have to pay the $12,100 anyway. This is a typical program that gives you something, but takes away much more.

The government gave me $40 per month for being in the Army ROTC program, which was money I really needed. I then spent two years in the Army making half as much as I would have in civilian practice and I wouldn’t have gotten shot at as a civilian.

So, maybe the government isn’t as generous it seems when it hands out “free” money. Maybe we just got played.

— Bob Bell


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