Letters to the Editor

Letter: Please don’t use hateful symbols

Last week, I was blessed to bring a daughter into the world. For both of my children, I want them to live in a world where they can practice their Judaism without fear of anti-Semitism. I want them learning about the symbols of hate from history books and not newspapers. All children deserve this future.

So, it was heart-wrenching for me when I noticed individuals at this week’s Assembly meetings wearing yellow stars of David, mimicking my Jewish ancestors who perished in the Holocaust. For myself and most Jews, seeing the yellow star of David on someone’s chest elicits the same feelings as seeing the swastika on a flag or the SS insignia on a uniform. It is a symbol of hate that reminds us Jews of the terror and horror we suffered.

I believe in the Constitutional right to protest for your values. But I request that you do not use symbols that diminish the six million Jews who were murdered during the holocaust and survivors who would like their children to never know the nightmare they endured.

Rabbi Abram Goodstein


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