Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gara has earned support

I’ve worked with Les Gara and I know he’s by far the greatest supporter of public education in this governor’s race. An October ADN article rightly pointed out that the 2005 law eliminating modest pensions for teachers, as well as troopers, firefighters and other essential public employees, has caused many of our best to leave Alaska.  Les voted against this elimination of pension benefits. He’s the only candidate in this race who’s worked to bring them back. He’s voted for smaller class sizes so students can reach their full potential.  In the face of proposals both by the former governor and most other legislators in 2018 to let funding fall behind inflation yet again, Les and I said we should do better for students. We passed an education bill in the House that led to a two-year compromise plan to keep school funding up with inflation. Gov. Mike Dunleavy went to court to try to block that plan and lost.  

Les is a former foster youth who knows everyone has faced some difficulty in their lives. He’s fought to make sure we all have opportunity, whether rich or poor, rural or urban. He’s earned our support.

— Rep. Harriet Drummond


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