Letters to the Editor

Letter: Repeal RCV

We must repeal ranked choice voting as soon as possible. Voting is not a chess game.

It’s an election where one voter has one vote, not four. If the candidate you vote for doesn’t get the most votes, he or she loses.

Plain and simple. If you go to the horse races and place your bets for win, place and show, only the horse that crosses the finish line first wins. No chance for your second- or third-place horses to win after all the bets — or votes — are counted. Don’t we have enough accusations about voter fraud already? I see RCV as being a breeding ground for corruption. And why is it that we voters in Alaska have to wait weeks to find out who the winner is, especially when we have computers doing all of the calculations? Aren’t the state’s computers high-speed, or do they still operate with dial-up?

— Dennis Seyler


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