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Letter: The facts on Holtan Hills

On May 14, the Anchorage Daily News published a letter by Eben Stone criticizing our Alaska Landmine special feature article, “Halting Holtan Hills: how a small group of Girdwood’s most privileged residents manipulated Anchorage community councils to help shut down a long-overdue housing development.”

According to Stone, “Woelber claimed that it was a handful of people behind resistance to this development …” In fact, at no point did our article make this assertion. We stated that a small group participated in a misinformation-riddled effort to lobby Anchorage community councils.

We did not claim that opposition to the development was limited to this group. It is unfortunate and ironic that, in response to an article about misinformation, Mr. Stone attempted to misinform readers of this paper.

Our article was based on hours of primary source interviews and extensive Anchorage community council meeting documentation, including video and audio recordings and meeting minutes. We absolutely stand by the accuracy of our reporting, and encourage those interested to read (or reread) our article for themselves.

— Paxson Woelber, Alaska Landmine special features editor

Jeff Landfield, Alaska Landmine editor in chief


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