Letters to the Editor

Letter: Regressive views

After reading about Jeremy Cubas, Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s highly paid (now ex-) crony, I did not feel offended but rather mused other thoughts.

It’s clear that Cubas and the governor hold women as the same thing, a vessel with no choice over their own body. In Cubas’ case, it’s forced sex; with the governor, it’s reproductive rights. But I further wonder if Cubas is married or divorced after having nine children. I think after reading his views, the answer would not surprise many. Furthermore, after reading what can only be described as ignorant statements regarding Jews in Europe and Martin Luther King, Jr., it’s clear that those on the right should spend less time banning books and removing them from shelves and more time reading them. He could not be more factually and historically inaccurate on both accounts.

— Shawn O’Donnell


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