Letters to the Editor

Letter: Reamer brings history to life

Accolades to David Reamer, whose article about the disastrous sinking of the Princess Sophia and the lengths one man went to keep a promise of love had me riveted to every word. His steely description of the tragedy, the forces of nature and the tenuous grasp we each hold on life reminded me of Jack London at his finest.

His telling of the devotion of one Albert Winchell for his wife, Ilene, brought me to tears and reminded me that true, deep, and abiding love does exist — and is timeless.

Thank you to the author for bringing history to life and starting my day with a new appreciation of its limitless lessons.

— Val Van Brocklin


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Val Van Brocklin

Val Van Brocklin is a former state and federal prosecutor in Alaska who now trains and writes on criminal justice topics nationwide. She lives in Anchorage.