Letters to the Editor

Letter: Don’t fund Inlet View via bond

The Anchorage School District has many concerns: high (and growing) class sizes, teacher vacancies, potential school closures, and a deficit of almost $100 million. Despite these concerns, ASD plans to include $19 million in the 2024 school bond to rebuild Inlet View, one of the smallest elementary schools in the district. This amount is in addition to the $26 million the school board gave Inlet View already for the rebuild.

On Nov. 21, the school board plans to finalize the 2024 school bond. The school board should remove the $19 million for Inlet View from the $62 million bond.

Removing the money for the controversial Inlet View project would help the bond pass.

Let’s not build a gold-plated new Inlet View when a remodel on the current site using the $26 million the school already has would be sufficient.

— Lois Epstein


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