Letters to the Editor

Letter: A winter city

The last time I checked, we were at 61 degrees north latitude, which, by all measures, is a latitude that receives snow. I have lived in this wonderful state for more than 30 years and, surprise, winter has come every single year, bringing with it snow and ice. it seems that this seasonal disorder has affected the brain trust of Mayor Dave Bronson’s administration, as its members have continually chosen to ignore the fact that winter happens every year.

The state brain trust keeps touting this as a year-round destination, but I dare anyone to come here and brave the potholed, ice-chunked streets, the unplowed sidewalks, the miserable state of our highways, the pure chaotic dysfunction of our public transportation, the poor and nonexistent handicapped- accessible facilities, and the pathetic excuse for public road maintenance that the municipality calls acceptable.

We are a winter city. Plow the streets. Move the snow. Make winter accessible.

I live in a neighborhood close to downtown that, as of Nov. 13, hasn’t seen a plow since the snow started flying. We have had two “snow” days before Thanksgiving that are now chalked up to “remote learning” so that the school district can keep its funding.

It’s enough to make a guy write a letter to the editor.

— Matthew Tocchini


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