Letters to the Editor

Letter: We need transparency from our utility

Chugach Electric is the largest electric utility in Alaska and one of the largest employers in our community.

Every household and every business in Anchorage must belong to the cooperative to receive electricity.

I served as a volunteer on Chugach Electric’s Nominating Committee for two years.

This committee is charged with screening applicants to run for the Chugach Electric board of directors. The committee is comprised of well-meaning community volunteers who want to give back to their community and their electric cooperative.

I resigned from the Chugach Electric Nominating Committee on Feb. 5 because the committee voted internally to meet in private and take secret votes to decide who can and who cannot run for an open seat on the board.

The Nomination Committee process is in direct conflict with the cooperative’s Member Committees’ Policies and Procedures Handbook. The handbook directs all committees to meet and vote in public. I do not believe the Chugach Electric Board nor the cooperative’s member committees should deliberate issues in secret and vote with secret ballots. I call on the Chugach Electric Board to strengthen its policies and bylaws to ensure all members of the cooperative can see how the cooperative conducts business and elections.

— Leslie Ridle



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