Letters to the Editor

Letter: Energy policy

I’ve spent six decades of my life working in and around energy. As an electrical engineer and former chair of the Alaska section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, I have professional qualifications that demonstrate that I understand energy solutions, including their risks and benefits. Rick Whitbeck’s recent piece was spot-on as it related to the intermittency of wind and solar, and the risks associated with depending on most renewables in their current form.

Southcentral Alaska depends on natural gas as its main power source because it works all the time. As I have stated in all my commentaries, we are not fully ready for renewables until we have long-term energy storage or a good base fuel to replace natural gas. Those pushing for a rushed transition to wind and solar need to be asked what would have happened this winter if we’d counted on them instead of gas. It wouldn’t have been good.

— Robert Seitz


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