Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pass a cease-fire resolution

We, the undersigned, are Anchorage Jews in strong support of the Anchorage Assembly passing a resolution for an immediate, permanent, bilateral ceasefire. As Jews, we have a duty to stand up against oppression in all its forms.

Tying the identity of every American Jew to the actions of the state of Israel is reductive. We do not condone the actions of the Israeli government. We do not condone the killing of children and other civilians, nor the bombings of hospitals and schools.

Opposing oppression of the innocent will strengthen our community. It is critical that we send a message that the Municipality of Anchorage, including members of the Jewish community, opposes this horrific violence.

Alex Petkanas

Andrea Feniger

Brian Hirsch

Brighton Whitlock


Claire A. Schapira a.k.a. Chava A. Schapira

Elise Schapira

Hope Finkelstein

Jason Katz-Brown

Jed Drolet

Jenna Klein

Judy Jessen

Julia Shatten

Lantz Dow

Lauren Rice

Lev Greenstein

Lily Cohen

Matthew DiTullio

Margi Dashevsky

Maya Wharton

Nate Solnit

Sarah Beller


Sharon Barr


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