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Letter: Why I support Chris Tuck

I’ve known Chris Tuck for over two decades. He will listen and he will lead. I support Chris because I’ve seen him in action. I watched him champion education issues in the State House and as a member of the Anchorage School Board. Because of Chris taking action and casting the deciding vote in the State House, Anchorage now has Pre K in the Base Student Allocation - the formula that funds our education system. Because of his actions in pushing through the Alaska Reads Act, we have a stronger education system today, which means a stronger economy tomorrow.

Rather than focus on where we’ve been before, rather then dwell on the failed policies of the past, Chris Tuck knows our future stands before us. Whether it’s strengthening our university system and connecting it to a port that can also serve as an incubator and manufacturing hub for our homegrown talent, or resolving our homeless issues by focusing on better coordination of those entities who serve the population and ensuring that our police, fire, and substance use services are sufficient and appropriately engaged in a mission of hope and not hopelessness, I have faith Chris can do that job. His actual accomplishments; innovative ideas; and unimpeachable character are why I support Chris Tuck for mayor of Anchorage.  

A city divided cannot stand. Chris has the talent, character, and will bring our community back together and focus on the future, not rehash the hostilities of the past. Anchorage has been named an All-American City four times in the past. That’s a huge accomplishment for the small number of cities who have achieved that distinction. Chris’ vision for a city that celebrates its diverse cultures, builds a strong education system, ignites a vibrant economy, and resolves our struggle with homelessness with a message of hope, meets the expectation we have for a city that’s earned that honor.

Chris is not responsible for how we got here, but he’s ready to take on the responsibility for how we get out of our current mess.

Anchorage is now just days away from a consequential election.  Chris Tuck has the experience, the know-how and the ability to do the job this city demands. He’s earned our support, and he’s earned mine. I hope you will join me in voting for Chris Tuck for mayor.

— Tom Begich

Former Minority Leader, Alaska State Senate



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Tom Begich

Sen. Tom Begich, elected in 2016, represents Anchorage's District J in the Alaska State Senate.