Letters to the Editor

Poem: Anchor Town

On a dark winter morning Anchorage wakes,

Buzzing long before dawn breaks.

Twilight to sunbeam, black, orange, blue,

Daylight comes, the hours are few.

Street lights are glowing, night soon descending,

guiding us home after eight hours working.

Some say they want more of the sun,


some hardly notice with little or none.

Ice fog trees frosty,

gone now its gusty.

What a chinook, so wet and slippery,

Unsteady my foot, the fall wasn’t pretty

Rondy and races with red cheeked faces

The reindeer run, it’s so much fun.

March with bright morning

Spring memories restoring

Easter, pay taxes, honor mother and the fallen.

Snow melts, its secrets revealing

From this transition, odors releasing.

Icicled eaves and my it is windy

Gray is the sky, the streets are dusty

Cold rain, welcome weather, breathing is easier

Crisp air, it’s clearer, more snow came later

Chester Creek, Eagle River, their banks are higher


Pussy willows and Robins, summer is nearer,

Hidden from us, building all winter

So trashy we look so in our faces

This isn’t us, leave no traces

Hurry up all, clean up these places

Each night a bit shorter

When compared to December

Leaves emerging, tulips in flower

Spenard or downtown, this weekend a happening

Maybe I’ll go, but frugal my spending

The sun rises higher, days gaining hours

Is it just me, this room feels smaller?

That fever is serious and I know the cure,

Go camping and fishing, anywhere but here.

Alaska beckons, persuading migration

A great RV exodus on Seward and Glenn Highway.

Quiet our town if just for a moment

Thanks to the cabin on river, lake and ocean

Wandering spirit plus three day weekend

Muldoon to Sand Lake, I flew in a second


Those summer days, a driver’s oasis

Parking at Costco and roads open spaces.

Summer lingers, passing so quickly

Say those without homes, the weather is chilly

Fading light. Little by little


A week yes now, I notice a shadow

Mushrooms sprout, some dew in the morning,

Strong coffee, leaves falling. It feels like I’m dreaming

Palmer swells, Anchorage is bonded

Giving the fair a synergy of thousands

A cloudy day for school and hunting

Frost in the morning, warm coats we’re donning

Fly south the goose, snow bird, and tourist

Settle big bruin, for the long winters fasting

Turn white the fox, ptarmigan, and rabbit

Caribou travel, it must be their habit.

There on Flattop, that’s more than a dusting

Carved pumpkins so many, moose tire of munching

Oh dear, it’s snowing with crashes all over

I try to remember how I drove last October

A ravens warning, what a strange croaking

Lake Otis and Tudor is worth avoiding

A snow berm appears in driveway unwanted

I say to myself, I won’t be offended

That star on the mountain defies the cold

Under its light, holiday stories unfold

A new year today, it can’t be this soon

Although it is dawn and nearly

past noon.

Silly it seems what we remember

as Anchorage has grown another year older.

— William Beltz


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