Letters to the Editor

Poem: Camelot

If ever I would leave you,

It wouldn’t be in breakup,

Seeing you this season is not to be missed.

The slush how it splashes

All over my car

The rocks that come flying,

My windshield to mar.


But if I’d ever leave you,

It couldn’t be in “Springtime”

Those two weeks I never could miss!

The pollen so heavy My allergies roar

Shelves empty of Zyrtec

So mucus will pour.

And could I leave you

When June’s mosquitoes fill the air?

Or when we’re parked on the Glenn

In line for the State Fair?

If ever I would leave you, Winter solstice’s not the time,

It’s so dark, I couldn’t even find my way!

Oh no! Not at breakup!

Springtime, summer or fall!


No, never could I leave you at all!

— Mary Ann Kerosky

(with apologies to Lerner and Loewe)


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