Letters to the Editor

Poem: Presidential Ballot Musings

Have you heard the great News,

now making the rounds?

A presidential ‘candidate’

that makes not a sound.

One that can end, those electoral blues.

A question to proffer,


Are … these two … the best …

our country can offer?

I‘m not cynical … just tired,

and done with the scorn.

Fed up and bored

with political porn.

It’s April the first,

but this is no joke.

Lessor of two weevils?

I’d rather swallow, than choke.

100%, each party claims “right”.

The other, a-thousand-percent Wrong!

To build on your fears,

Or well up your tears.


They pander and slander,

Packaged in smiles, or bolstered by rude.

Wise Grandma would stand, and politely demand

No! More! Platitudes!

It’s my conscience that matters,

stronger than tatters.

No great mystery,

It’s the common-ground for me.

I’m in a Massive Majority.

Who sit in a vast, quiet, Middle,

tight as a fiddle.

Surrounded by endless polarity.

When will compromise, Be given a voice?

By actually having a choice.

1985 Richard Pryor was right.

When integrity is torn down by the fight,


think outside the box,

when you fill out your ballot.

So, here be an option

that fits like a glove.

Won’t you join in … simply write in …


None of the above!!!

— Ian Sharrock


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