Letters to the Editor

Poem: Steak and Eggs

We were…

stuck out at the cabin

With food gettin low

and craving for town

but knew, we can’t go.


So we looked at our food to see what we’d eat?

And that’s when it hit me….

I don’t get the meat.

The pups food is gone.

She says as I wince

I could make a case

But know there’s no chance

A growing puppy

We can’t mess with that!

Her food, so important!

We can’t feed her crap!

The steaks for the dog,

she says, no surprise,

Now that we’re stuck,


too foggy fly

Yes, She gets the steak.

it’s oatmeal for you.

And see those nice eggs?

Well those are hers too.

If you’re hungry right now there’s old bacon, I bet. Though it sat out for days

just try it don’t fret.

Too greasy for her.

But for you, it’ll do,

And if tastes bad,

just swallow, don’t chew.

I know it’s not fair.

I’ve seen it before.

The dog just comes first. Suck it up. Or be sore.

It’s not worth the fight.


This one I can’t win.

I love her and that dog

might as well just give in

— Scott Gage


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