Letters to the Editor

Letter: A gradual approach

One person working on their own is not as potent as many people working together.

If you’re interested in animal welfare, support the Humane Society or the ASPCA.

If you want to weaken the control of our two-party system, support open primaries. That gives independents a voice in choosing our representatives.

If you want to fight corruption and keep democracy, join Common Cause or RepresentUs.

If you care about clean air, water, food and our planet, support Earthjustice, or Food and Water Watch, or National Resources Defense Council.

If you care about civil rights, support the Brennan Center or Public Citizen.

The NDR, National Democratic Redistricting PAC, is working on ending gerrymandering state by state for honest representation. Join them.


We don’t need to overthrow our government and democracy to rid it of corruption. A gradual approach and pressure from the masses can make a more long-lasting change for the better. A violent revolution will only be met with another violent revolution.

Let’s band together and work together to make things better. It’s not a quick solution; it’s a slow solution, but more certain to get the results we want. We must be patient and determined. A journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step. A thousand people taking one step is more effective than one person taking 1,000 steps. Let’s do our part. The world needs you.

— Lela Ryterski


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