Letters to the Editor

Letter: Murkowski should endorse Biden

From Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s Nov. 15, 2023, news release: “The bipartisan infrastructure law was one of the most consequential legislative efforts I’ve worked on in the U.S. Senate … Communities across the state, in every region, will see benefits to their core infrastructure.” Hmm, I guess between the infrastructure bill and approving the Willow Project, President Joe Biden has done good for Alaska.

I think Murkowski misspoke in the recent ADN frontpage story as she decried the choice between two ‘very flawed’ candidates. Perhaps the moderate senator meant one seriously flawed candidate and one reasonable candidate that her party feels compelled to vilify. Murkowski should honor all those independents and Democrats who support her by endorsing the only reasonable choice in our binary system. Vote conservative. Vote Biden.

— Jeffrey Bannish


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