Letters to the Editor

Letter: Doable, but not simple

In a recent editorial, the ADN editorial board suggested that moving to ranked choice voting (RCV) in Anchorage for mayoral elections is simple and would save the municipality money. I agree that it would save money, but it’s not necessarily simple. Two crucial steps must occur before we can switch to RCV for Anchorage’s mayoral election. First, the state question needs to be settled. The effort to overturn RCV is on the ballot this November. If we want consistency between the state and Municipality, as the editorial board suggests, let’s wait to learn that outcome.

Second, for a mayoral election, voters would have to vote to change the charter so that an automatic runoff is not triggered unless a certain threshold of votes are won (45%) by a single candidate. This question could go to voters as soon as next April. And the remainder of Municipal elections could change to RCV via an ordinance change. Changing to RCV in Anchorage makes sense and is doable, just not necessarily simple.

— Meg Zaletel

Midtown Assembly Member


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