Letters to the Editor

Letter: The best candidate

In an April 11 commentary, Randy Ruedrich made the most convincing argument I’ve seen for reelecting Mary Peltola to the U.S. House: “Alaska needs to elect the most qualified member of Congress to serve Alaska. What does that mean? The United States House of Representatives (Congress) consists of two teams of elected members. The majority team runs the show. The minority team watches. The majority team elects its House leadership and its committees that craft all the legislation that comes to the House floor for a vote.”

The current “show” being “run” by the majority is a comic/tragedy of incompetence and dysfunction. “Elects its leadership” — That was fun to watch, and it looks like soon they may get another chance. “Crafts all the legislation?” They can’t even pass legislation that was “crafted” by their own “leadership.” Fortunately, the “minority team” has not simply “watched,” but has stepped on stage to pull their majority colleagues out of the orchestra pit. That, of course,enraged some of their “meaningful members.”

I notice there was not a word about policy or expertise. Perhaps because there is none? If we are simply going on “actuarial capacity” and seniority, I rest my case.

Even many Republicans seem to be fed up with the situation and I won’t be surprised if Ms. Peltola becomes a “meaningful member of the majority,” perhaps sooner rather than later.

— Jim Thiele


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