Letters to the Editor

Letter: Anti-protest bill

Recently, there was an article on Senate Bill 255, a bill that would impose enhanced penalties for obstructing highways, navigable waterways, airport runways and public places. Gov. Mike Dunleavy proposed the bill to “protect the right to freedom of movement against infringement by increasing and expanding existing criminal prohibitions on obstructing public places and rights of way.”

In the article, Attorney General Treg Taylor was asked if high school students who had blocked hallways in Juneau in a protest to the governor’s veto of the education bill could have been charged if SB 255 had been in effect. His answer was a good example of everything that’s wrong with SB 255. He stated that law enforcement officers would “likely” take into account the age of the protesters.

Proposed SB 255 has no concrete language, and harsh monetary punishments, and is wide open for interpretation by law enforcement officers.

Dunleavy should have something better to do with his time, like fund education.

— Amy Vail


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