Letters to the Editor

Letter: Inlet View orientation

Yesterday, I came across Edwin Blair’s opinion piece of March 26 regarding the positioning of the proposed Inlet View Elementary School rebuild and its exposure to sunlight. Having read his commentary, I am writing simply to say that I agree with Edwin wholeheartedly. Given the option of more natural light rather than less, especially in Alaska in the winter, I say to position yourself to soak up as much as you can get.

I was a student at Inlet View through the 1980s and can attest that the south-facing classrooms were immensely more pleasant than those on the other side of the building. I was fortunate to have been in north-facing classrooms only two of my seven years there.

Given that construction is still a ways off, it seems to me a no-brainer to opt for the clearly more desirable placement of the new building that Edwin has suggested. I am well aware that this will cause inconveniences during construction, but in the long run, I am confident that it will be worth it. We are all well accustomed to waiting in traffic during the summer road construction season. Just as there are headaches associated with having smooth(ish) roads, we should also recognize the value of rebuilding Inlet View properly. I presume that the new building will be expected to last 65-plus years, just as the current structure has, so I hope that it will be the best that we can make it.

If you are familiar with the mermaid mural on the outside of the gym, you will see her fingernails etched into the clay. That was the only contribution our art teacher would entrust to me.

— Thomas Morgan


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