Letters to the Editor

Letter: Leadership prospects

In a recent opinion piece (April 11), Randy Ruedrich advocated for choosing Alaska’s representative based on their prospective career length in Congress and potential to hold a powerful position such as chair or ranking member of a committee.

I prefer to choose my representatives on their values and ability to unite and represent Alaskans, but his logic makes sense, especially seeing the late Rep. Don Young’s long career in Congress giving him enormous sway.

According to Ruedrich, “The average committee chair was not elected to their position until after eight years in the House.”

So, if we want a representative who will get to those eight years, I’d recommend voting for the representative who’s already gaining seniority. Rep.

Mary Peltola has already spent one-and-a-half years in Congress on the Committee on Natural Resources and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, advocating for legislation to address problems that matter to Alaskans.

As Ruedrich said, “Advancing to Congressional leadership is critical in achieving Alaska’s goals.”

Re-electing Peltola is our best bet to achieve that.


— Tvetene Carlson


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