Letters to the Editor

Letter: A precarious moment

Donald Trump’s followers are everywhere, with seeming intent to destroy the nation. Trump’s calls to violence are very real. “In God We Trust” is no longer the guiding principle.

We see judges appointed by Trump, including on the Supreme Court, in favor of his supremacy in all forms of government. The GOP parades behind him, spewing his silver tongue and using FOX News, social media and podcasts as their MAGA-phones. A.I. plays a major role in the ease of spreading the “Big Lie” of propaganda.

Many are being deceived and do not know it. These events had been setting in for many years, and now it has become a domestic threat to the United States of America.

We are at a crossroads to a supremacist state.

If the opposition wins, the three branches of the United States government will lose their separate powers of legislative, executive and judicial independence. The level of governing will change and become a dictatorial regime. It will be an impulsive and dangerous society with no moral fiber, like the supremacist powers of the past. Some GOP leaders in Alaska are also mixed into the mess.

— John Oscar


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