Letters to the Editor

Letter: Abortion perspectives

While I admire the ACLU for defending the defenseless, I must disagree with its depiction of legal abortion as a privacy right.

This is equivalent to calling the Civil War a fight for property rights — which is what the South would have told you it was. Thank God we’ve learned since then.

We need to learn again.

What abortion gets rid of is the formative stage of a human person with different DNA and often different blood type than mine. The placenta is actually part of the child, not me. They have a heartbeat at three weeks.

I was offered an abortion once and shown a line drawing of a uterus with a shaded area. “We’ll clean out your dirty uterus. You can get pregnant again.” A child’s very life resting on my unfettered word. No.

We need to learn.

— Pamala Siegfried



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