Letters to the Editor

Letter: Rename the Republican Party

A Republican from 20 years ago wouldn’t recognize the party today. It hasn’t had a true platform for two presidential cycles. It now exists to pay the legal fees of and support a candidate who specializes in prejudice, lies, smoke and mirrors.

Donald Trump makes unsupported assertions that executive power is being misused, projecting what he plans to do onto the current administration. It should be referred to as the “Trumpican Party,” since it now does little more than endorse other candidates.

I do have questions for Trumpicans: Are you ready for the battle that will occur when Trump leaves the scene due to death or deterioration? Which of his sycophantic followers will succeed him as the advocate for state control over private lives, state endorsement of Christian nationalism, cuts to federal programs for the public, tax cuts for the rich, prejudice against the “other” and denial of climate change and established principles of public health? If you subscribe to only some of these, can you ignore the others and vote Trumpican?

— Peter Crosby


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