Photos: Ski train treats participants to sun, skiing and polka

Hundreds of skiers, snowshoers and party people piled aboard the ski train on Saturday for a day-long trip to the former railroad resort town of Curry, now a ghost town.

Participants were treated to clear blue skies and temperatures that never dipped below freezing.

"Normally I'd give you all a speech about hypothermia," said a ski patroller delivering a safety speech over the train's PA system, "but today I think I'll just remind people to put on sunscreen."

The train stopped for four hours in Curry, a once-booming railroad resort town that is now better known for a quarry that supplies granite for the railroad, and of course the ski train.

On the return trip, participants danced to the sounds of a polka band and snapped photos of Denali, which loomed tall and clear for much of the trip.