Here are Alaska’s 2016 legislative election results

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Senate District B: North Pole, Badger, Western Fairbanks, Goldstream, Ester

Leader: John Coghill

Precincts reporting: 12 of 12

Republican Sen. John Coghill, a veteran lawmaker and the Senate majority leader, had 53 percent of the vote in his race against former Fairbanks North Star Borough mayor Luke Hopkins, a Democrat.

Senate District F: Greater Palmer, Butte, Chugiak

Winner: Shelley Hughes


Precincts reporting: 16 of 16

Republican state Rep. Shelley Hughes had 72 percent of the vote in her bid to move up to the Senate after serving in the House. She faced independent Tim Hale, a construction surveyor, in the fight for the seat held by retiring Republican Sen. Bill Stoltze.

Senate District H: JBER, College Gate

Winner: Bill Wielechowski

Precincts reporting: 12 of 12

Democratic incumbent Bill Wielechowski beat Republican Kevin Kastner, the director of the Iron Dog snowmachine race, with just over 57 percent of the vote.

Senate District L: Dimond, Oceanview

Winner: Natasha von Imhof

Precincts reporting: 15 of 15

Republican Natasha von Imhof, a former Anchorage School Board member, had just over 51 percent of the votes to beat Forrest McDonald, a Democrat and U.S. Army veteran, and independent Tom Johnson. She will replace retiring incumbent Republican Sen. Lesil McGuire.

Senate District N: Stuckagain Heights, Rabbit Creek, Turnagain Arm

Winner: Cathy Giessel

Precincts reporting: 17 of 17

With an unknown number of questioned and absentee ballots still uncounted, Republican incumbent Sen. Cathy Giessel appeared to have beaten labor leader Vince Beltrami, an independent, by 575 votes. Giessel's percentage of the vote was 51.5 percent in a race that attracted hundreds of thousands of dollars in special interest spending, prompting comparisons to a heavyweight title fight.

Senate District P: Homer, South Kenai, Kodiak, Cordova

Winner: Gary Stevens

Precincts reporting: 23 of 23


Incumbent Republican Sen. Gary Stevens had nearly 97 percent of the votes to beat independent write-in candidate Carrie Harris.

Senate District R: Sitka, Petersburg, Ketchikan, Wrangell

Winner: Bert Stedman

Precincts reporting: 24 of 24

Republican incumbent Sen. Bert Stedman had 96 percent of votes with 100 percent of precincts reporting. His opponent is Michael Sheldon, a Republican write-in candidate.

House District 1: Downtown Fairbanks

Winner: Scott Kawasaki

Precincts reporting: 9 of 9.


Democratic Rep. Scott Kawasaki, a Democrat, ran away with the victory, gathering almost 90 percent of the votes in his race against John Rathbun, a Republican write-in candidate and Fairbanks North Star Borough employee.

House District 2: Fairbanks, Wainwright

Winner: Steve Thompson

Precincts reporting: 4 of 4.

Republican incumbent Rep. Steve Thompson, the House Finance Committee co-chair who's vying to be the next speaker of the House, defeated Democrat Truno Holdaway, a drug rehab counselor. Thompson won nearly 74 percent of votes.

House District 3: North Pole, Badger

Winner: Tammie Wilson

Precincts reporting: 5 of 5.

Republican incumbent Rep. Tammie Wilson captured 60 percent of the vote to defeat Jeanne Olson, a veterinarian who ran campaign ads with talking animals (32 percent) and Democrat Christina Sinclair (7 percent).

House District 5: Chena Ridge, Fairbanks

Leader: Adam Wool

Precincts reporting: 9 of 9


Democratic incumbent Rep. Adam Wool, who owns the Blue Loon bar, was leading Republican Aaron Lojewski, a real estate agent, with nearly 53 percent of the votes.

House District 6: Eielson, Tok, Minto, Healy

Leader: Dave Talerico

Precincts reporting: 33 of 33.

Rep. Dave Talerico, the incumbent Republican and a former coal company employee, earned 71 percent of the vote for a big early lead over  Democrat Jason Land, a student.

House District 7: Greater Wasilla


Winner: Colleen Sullivan-Leonard

Precincts reporting: 7 of 7

Republican Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, a Wasilla City Council member, built a big lead over Sherie Olson, a Democrat who's made the promotion of cursive writing her signature issue, with nearly 69 percent of the vote.

House District 8: Big Lake, Point MacKenzie

Winner: Mark Neuman

Precincts reporting: 6 of 6

Republican Rep. Mark Neuman, co-chair of the House Finance Committee, drew more than 80 percent of the votes to beat Democrat Greg Jones, an electrician and security inspector.

House District 9: Sutton, Chickaloon, Valdez

Winner: George Rauscher

Precincts reporting: 11 of 11 precincts

Republican George Rauscher, a contractor and mechanic who beat incumbent Rep. Jim Colver in the GOP primary, collected 61 percent of the votes in his race against Constitution Party candidate Pamela Goode, who had 37 percent.

House District 10: Houston, Talkeetna, Skwentna

Winner: David Eastman

Precincts reporting: 11 of 11

David Eastman, a firefighter who beat incumbent Republican Rep. Wes Keller in the primary, took just under 75 percent of the votes to defeat Democrat Patricia Faye-Brazel, a tribal planner.

House District 11: Greater Palmer

Winner: DeLena Johnson

Precincts reporting: 9 of 9

Republican DeLena Johnson, the former mayor of Palmer, grabbed 68 percent of the votes to beat independent Bert Verrall, a union representative. Johnson will replace Republican Rep. Shelley Hughes, who is moving up to the state Senate.

House District 12: Chugiak, Butte, Knik-Fairview

Winner: Cathy Tilton

Precincts reporting: 7 of 7

Incumbent Republican Rep. Cathy Tilton earned 66 percent of the votes to turn back Democrat Gretchen Wehmhoff, a substitute teacher, and Constitution Party candidate Karen Perry.

House District 14: Eagle River/Chugach State Park

Winner: Lora Reinbold

Precincts reporting: 7 of 7

Incumbent Republican Rep. Lora Reinbold, who was kicked out of the House majority caucus last year, appeared to have won her bid for reelection with 58 percent of the vote. Independent Joe Hackenmueller, a retired Anchorage School District technology supervisor, had 41 percent.

House District 15: Elmendorf, East Anchorage

Winner: Gabrielle LeDoux

Precincts reporting: 5 of 5

Republican Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, a member of a moderate Republican faction of the House known as the Musk Ox Coalition, was the winner with 67 percent of the vote against Democrat Patrick McCormack, a researcher.

House District 16: College Gate, Nunaka

Winner: Ivy Spohnholz

Precincts reporting: 7 of 7

Rep. Ivy Spohnholz was on top of a three-way race with nearly 52 percent of the vote. Republican Don Hadley, a retired teacher, had 42 percent and independent Ian Sharrock had 6 percent. Spohnholz was appointed to the post by Gov. Bill Walker earlier this year after the death of Democrat Max Gruenberg.

House District 18: Spenard, Midtown

Winner: Harriet Drummond

Precincts reporting: 10 of 10

Democratic incumbent Rep. Harriet Drummond appeared to have beaten Republican Mike Gordon, the founder of Chilkoot Charlie's, with nearly 56 percent of the vote.

House District 21: West Anchorage

Winner: Matt Claman

Precincts reporting: 8 of 8

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Matt Claman beat Republican Marilyn Stewart, the Municipality of Anchorage's former Office of Equal Opportunity director, with about 52 percent of the vote, or 337 votes.

House District 22: Sand Lake, West Anchorage

Leader: Jason Grenn

Precincts reporting: 7 of 7

Independent Jason Grenn, who manages the Pick.Click.Give. program, had 47 percent of the votes, Republican incumbent Rep. Liz Vazquez had about 44 percent and Dustin Darden, the former Anchorage mayoral candidate, had just over 9 percent. Grenn's 223-vote lead could change with questioned and absentee ballots.

House District 23: Taku

Winner: Chris Tuck

Precincts reporting: 8 of 8

Rep. Chris Tuck, the House Democratic minority leader, claimed 56 percent of the votes to beat Republican Timothy Huit, a roofer and taxi driver.

House District 24: Oceanview

Winner: Chuck Kopp

Precincts reporting: 7 of 7

Republican Chuck Kopp, a former legislative staffer who briefly served as Alaska's public safety commissioner under former Gov. Sarah Palin, beat Democrat Sue Levi, who works as an assistant to a financial adviser, with about 58 percent of the votes. Kopp will replace Republican Rep. Craig Johnson, whose state Senate bid died in this year's GOP primary when he lost to Natasha von Imhof.

House District 25: Abbott, Lower Hillside

Leader: Charisse Millett

Precincts reporting: 7 of 7

Incumbent Republican Rep. Charisse Millett, the House leader, led Anchorage School Board member Pat Higgins by 45 votes with an unknown number of absentee and questioned ballots to be counted.

House District 26: Huffman, Mid-Hillside

Winner: Chris Birch

Precincts reporting: 8 of 8

Former Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Birch grabbed 64 percent of the votes to defeat Democrat David Gillespie, who works in the construction industry. Birch beat incumbent Republican Rep. Bob Lynn in the primary election.

House District 27: East Anchorage, StuckagainHeights

Leader: Lance Pruitt

Precincts reporting: 8 of 8

Incumbent Republican Rep. Lance Pruitt was winning a neck-and-neck battle against challenger Harry Crawford by 121 votes. Crawford, a Democrat, was in the Legislature for a decade through 2010. An unknown number of absentee and questioned ballots could affect the outcome.

House District 28: South Anchorage

Winner: Jennifer Johnston

Precincts reporting: 9 of 9

Republican Jennifer Johnston, a former Anchorage Assembly member, took a comfortable victory with 55 percent of the votes. Democrat Shirley Coté, a former head of the state's alcohol regulation agency, had 44 percent in the race to replace retiring Republican Rep. Mike Hawker.

House District 29: North Kenai, Cooper Landing, Sterling, Nikiski

Winner: Mike Chenault

Precincts reporting: 11 of 11

House Speaker Mike Chenault, a Republican, had over 91 percent of the votes to fend off Democrat Pedro Fernandez, a teacher who ran as an independent write-in candidate.

House District 30: Kenai, Soldotna

Winner: Gary Knopp

Precincts reporting: 6 of 6

Republican Gary Knopp, a Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly member who owns a construction company, won a four-way race with nearly 66 percent of the vote. Knopp will replace Republican Rep. Kurt Olson, who is retiring.

House District 32: Kodiak, Cordova

Leader: Louise Stutes

Precincts reporting: 14 of 14

Incumbent Republican Rep. Louise Stutes had 43 percent of the vote to lead Duncan Fields, an attorney and commercial fisherman who switched his registration from Republican to independent. Fields had 41 percent and Democratic Brent Wakins, a construction worker, had 15 percent.

House District 34: Mendenhall Valley, Juneau

Winner: Justin Parish

Precincts reporting: 7 of 7

Democrat Justin Parish, a teacher, grabbed a 184-vote win over incumbent Republican Rep. Cathy Muñoz.

House District 35: Sitka, Petersburg

Leader: Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins

Precincts reporting: 14 of 14

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins led with 59 percent of the vote. Republican Sheila Finkenbinder, who once worked as an aide to former GOP Rep. Peggy Wilson, had 41 percent.

House District 36: Ketchikan, Wrangell

Winner: Dan Ortiz

Precincts reporting: 10 of 10

Incumbent independent Rep. Dan Ortiz won his battle against Republican Bob Sivertsen, who's retired from Ketchikan's Public Works Department, and Kenneth Shaw, who's running as the Constitution Party candidate. Ortiz claimed 52 percent of the vote to Sivertsen's 42.

House District 37: Bristol Bay, Aleutians

Leader: Bryce Edgmon

Precincts reporting: 34 of 35

Democrat Bryce Edgmon, who has caucused with the Republican-led House majority, led with 58 percent of the votes over Republican William Weatherby, a school bus driver and mechanic.