Alaska Rep. Don Young files to run again in 2018

Don Young isn't sitting on the 2018 election.

Alaska's sole congressman went by election headquarters in Anchorage this week and filed to run again next year, offering a warning to any brewing opposition.

"Now, keep in mind, we're doing this because I believe in what I can do for the state of Alaska; I'm good at what I do; and you've been very supportive … So I'm filing early so those that might think about running or (that) I might retire, you can forget it," Young said in a video released by his office Thursday.

Young first came to represent Alaska in the U.S. House in 1973, in a special election held after Rep. Nick Begich, a Democrat, died in a plane crash.

In 2016, Young drew 50 percent of the vote, 14 points ahead of Democrat Steve Lindbeck. Libertarian Jim McDermott won 10 percent of the vote and independent Bernie Souphanavong drew just short of 3 percent of votes.

"I like what I do. I'm good at what I do. I'm right for Alaska," Young said in the video, his arm around wife Anne Garland Walton.

Young and Walton were married on his 82nd birthday, June 9, 2015, and she is often by his side at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Young was previously married to Lu Young for 46 years, before she died in 2009.

Erica Martinson

Erica Martinson is a former reporter for the Anchorage Daily News based in Washington, D.C.