U.S. Senate candidate Q&A: John Wayne Howe

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates for U.S. Senate to answer a series of issue questions. Here are their responses. Read more here.

JOHN WAYNE HOWE | Alaskan Independence Party | Occupation: Owner of Howee’s Machine Shop in Fairbanks | Age: 60 | Residence: Fairbanks | Relevant experience or prior offices held: Hard Work through life, no offices | www.alaskansforjohnwaynehowe.com

Why are you running for office?

To move us closer to individual freedom, first of all is no taxes, Second is to obtain individual ownership of land for Alaskans, third is to stop abuses to individual rights.

Name two big problems or challenges currently facing Alaska and how you plan to address them if elected.

1. The corona19 virus, We need to open the state up for business.

2. We have a major myopia on oil, while we need oil, and are due the full 90% denied Us by the Feds, making land available for ownership by individual Alaskans, will give us a whole new lease on productivity, thus curing Our myopia.


Do you think the federal government has effectively dealt with the coronavirus pandemic as a public-health issue? What specifically should have been done differently?

About 3 months ago, they should have admitted the fact that we are past the point of reducing transmission, it’s time to open the whole country before the country is broke. Producing money without producing goods, is a baseless economy.

What should the federal government be doing to repair economic damage related to the pandemic?

Open not only allowing the businesses to open, but get back to homesteading, farming, and mining of ground currently held immorally by the Bureaucrats of land management. I want to see full title of these lands transferred to individual citizens on a mass scale. If the people don’t own the land they are at best share-croppers.

What will you do to address high health-care costs (and access to quality care) for Alaskans?

Health care is a right, all persons have the right to be cared for by anyone that will. No persons have the right to force others to pay for healthcare. Insurance can at best average the cost and nothing more, it is impossible for insurance to reduce the overall cost to society. What I am saying is we need to get health care opened up, so more options for service will be available. The FDA needs to be reined in, or abolished.

What should be done, if anything, to change federal immigration policies?

Not important for Alaska, at this time.

Describe your vision for Alaska.

A land owned by many individuals, providing for each other in the way they see fit, with the freedoms originally desired by the Son’s of Liberty in Boston.

What is the role of the federal government to reduce high rates of sexual assault and domestic violence in Alaska?

This is a local, and moral problem, while the federal government could meddle, they cannot fix the problem.

What do you think is the United States' role in the world?

Currently the USA’s role is way too much. We need to look at ourselves, purging the evil in this country first. Once We have cleansed ourselves, we can go back to setting an example of how individual freedom works.

How would you describe President Trump’s term in office?

Some good, some bad.

How important of a priority to you is reducing the federal deficit? Explain.


We need to move toward voluntary giving for the government, thereby eliminating taxes. I would while working for the end of taxes, also vote against any waist. The federal reserve is counterfeiting excessive amounts of fiat currency, the same as other governments around the world. The federal reserve is also investing in the stock market, and hence the rise in value when little production is taking place. I do not however suggest the auditing, or abandoning of the (admittedly corrupt) federal reserve, as this will hasten the monetary crash & make it harder for Alaskans to spend their money to obtain other wealth before the crash.

What should Congress and the federal government do to deal with climate change, specifically its impacts in Alaska?

Be honest, that it is not man-made. Get public schools to teach real science, such as the variation of the cycles of the sun’s intensity.

What’s your position on the proposed Pebble mine?

Full speed ahead.

What other important issue would you like to discuss with voters?

Please register, and Vote AIP, the Only party concerned with the rights of Alaskans. Alaska for Alaskans!!