We Alaskans

Finding comfort in community in Haines

The old-timers say bad things happen in threes. I am not sure if this is true, but I do believe that bad doings bring out the best in people. It’s not that misery loves company, exactly, rather that suffering binds us together.

The secret to surviving winter

It's winter in Southeast Alaska, a quiet, dark, wet season. The neighbors have gone, for the most part. But the sea lions are back, and they announce their presence loudly.

Seeking Mr. Right in rural Alaska

When it became time for me to see this man face to face, we realized one sobering truth about rural Alaska dating. “You literally live $1,000 away,” he said — three flights and a day and a half of travel.

The perils of eating polar bear

Very few of us can eat polar bear — and even among those who can or have in the past, there's a wide range of opinion on how palatable or delectable it is. Its liver can contain lethal amounts of vitamin A.

Peeping Toms of Tenakee Inlet

Our outhouse is open to water on one side. But the boats that chug, sail, paddle and float past are too far away to see anything. Right?

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