California writer does Homer justice in satisfying new novel

It’s not often that writers from outside Alaska make the effort to understand and convey the hold our state has on those who live here. Halverson has delivered a recognizable version of ourselves within her larger, very satisfying story about strength of character and the power of love.

Reading the North: My Coyote Nose

A new children's book takes a trip into the Alaska wilderness, not far off from the reality of the book's author, who has taken numerous backcountry adventures with her children in tow.

More than global warming afflicts endangered Shishmaref

The steadily lengthening ice-free season has left the Sarichef Island shorelines exposed to storms that themselves are aggravated by climate change, speeding the pace of erosion and consistently thwarting efforts at maintaining the ground beneath the town.

The weatherman at the end of the world

No meteorologist in the U.S. works more remotely than William Wells. He's 300 miles off the west coast of Alaska and even a few miles from the town of St. Paul in the middle of the Bering Sea.

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