White House orders 2 former aides to defy House subpoenas

White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrote that the Justice Department has advised — and Trump has directed — Dearborn and Porter to defy subpoenas because of “constitutional immunity.”

State authorities concerned by street drug in some CBD vapes

Some operators are cashing in on the CBD craze by substituting cheap and illegal synthetic marijuana — drugs commonly known as K2 or spice that have no known medical benefits — for natural CBD in vapes and edibles such as gummy bears, an Associated Press investigation has found.

Most teens are frightened by climate change, poll shows

Roughly one in four have participated in a walkout, attended a rally or written to a public official to express their views on global warming - remarkable levels of activism for a group that has not yet reached voting age.

The autistic children of sperm donor H898

At least a dozen children diagnosed with autism were conceived with sperm from the same donor, a reportedly unprecedented phenomenon that spurred a lawsuit.

Purdue Pharma, target of opioid lawsuits, files for bankruptcy

The Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is expected to trigger the ultimate demise of a company that sold a fraction of the opioid prescriptions in the United States but nonetheless is most closely identified with the epidemic because of its pioneering role in narcotic pain pill sales.

Precarious spot for mobile home owners as investors swoop in

Across the country, mobile home parks are an attractive investment. Tenants own their homes but not the land they sit on, and because the homes aren’t actually easy to move, are at the mercy of landlords, who can increase rents or sell the land out from under them.

Saudi supply disruption puts huge U.S. petroleum stash in play

Whether the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the world’s largest supply of emergency crude, gets used may depend on how quickly the Saudis can resume production from the world’s biggest crude-processing facility.

UAW says its 49K members at GM plants will go on strike

The United Auto Workers union announced that its roughly 49,000 members at General Motors plants in the U.S. will go on strike Sunday night because contract negotiations with the automaker had broken down.

Drug companies seek removal of judge in landmark opioid case

Drug companies facing more than 2,000 lawsuits over their alleged roles in the opioid epidemic demanded Saturday that the federal judge overseeing the case step aside, questioning his impartiality.

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