Alaska needs to get real on rural justice

The state isn’t treating the problem with the urgency that a public safety emergency demands. It’s time to change that.

To toke, or not to toke?

The wording of the city ballot measure for on-site marijuana smoking at pot shops is complicated, but it boils down to a simple proposition.

The constitutional amendment Alaska needs

Agreements to be fiscally responsible, or even statutes requiring it, are of little use when push comes to shove.

The epidemic threatening Alaska’s future

If women in Alaska can’t feel safe in their homes and communities, how can we pretend we’re succeeding as a state in any capacity?

Stepping into the void of leadership

The municipality’s step forward to discuss ways to help increase shelter capacity is not only prudent, but also necessary.

Which Alaska do we want?

Every day without action compounds the uncertainty and hardship already facing Alaskans. Legislators, find a way to count to 45.

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