Political sign enforcement justified

The DOT sign removal campaign has so far balanced candidates' rights with Alaskans' rights to get around Anchorage safely. Who can take issue with that?

Icebreaker fight a battle between slogans and substance

It would be short-sighted at best to make a budget trade-off that sacrifices national security interests in the north to make a marginal difference in stemming illegal immigration from the south.

Setting the bar on homelessness

A rosier economic outlook and a strong focus on the issue by the municipality mean we're at a point where we can begin to expect actual reductions in Anchorage's homeless population.

Picking winners isn’t sound economic policy

The tariffs now in place are broad, expensive and could prove economically devastating if they remain in place for an extended period. And Alaska's industries could feel the pinch.

The worth of a fish

For families of modest means, in which paying for dozens of pounds of salmon or other meat just isn't a viable option, the loss of the Copper River dipnet season is a big blow.

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