Breaking barriers, breaking trail: the legacy of Bettye Davis

By the accounts of legislative friends and foes alike, Davis, who died this week at age 80, was a passionate advocate for her causes, fighting for more representation for people of color and a strong public education system.

Shop local every day. Your community will benefit.

Purchasing items crafted locally, from beer to art to furniture to clothing, contributes to our communities in ways far beyond what we can measure.

Thank you. We wouldn’t be here without you.

A little more than a year ago, the story of the Anchorage Daily News came perilously close to an end. You’re part of the reason it didn’t.

Veterans have shaped Alaska through their service

A century after the "war to end all wars," it's clear that war has not and will not end, despite our continuing, essential pursuit of that goal.

Trying to sort out your vote for governor? Take a look at the issues.

We should assess how the candidates’ views on the issues square with our own opinions about the best path forward for our state. At the end of the day, as former Sen. Ted Stevens said, “To hell with politics, just do what’s right for Alaska.”

Ballot Measure 1 is wrong for Alaska

On Nov. 6, voters will choose between the system we have, which has successfully provided for sustainable fisheries for six decades of statehood, and a new system that would greatly harm economic development for scant — if any — additional benefit to fish.

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