Holding the bag: Assembly should let businesses exhaust inventory

Whatever your thoughts on the overall worth of the bag ban, it's not fair to saddle small business owners with the prospect of writing off inventory they've already purchased and won't be able to use before the deadline.

Alaska’s mental health services deficit exacerbates the state’s problems

Unmet mental health needs in Alaska are endangering health workers and community members. They are increasing costs for emergency services ill-equipped to handle them. And they leave thousands of Alaskans vulnerable who are suffering from serious mental illness.

Dimond incident reminds that hazing is always harmful

It's the responsibility of our adults, coaches, group leaders, parents — all of us — to teach our children proper limits, good judgment and respectful behavior. Hazing is a clear signal that we have failed in that mission.

Lessons from the primary election

In many contests, the choices made by primary voters Tuesday set up strong contrasts between the candidates who will appear on ballots in November.

Political sign enforcement justified

The DOT sign removal campaign has so far balanced candidates' rights with Alaskans' rights to get around Anchorage safely. Who can take issue with that?

Icebreaker fight a battle between slogans and substance

It would be short-sighted at best to make a budget trade-off that sacrifices national security interests in the north to make a marginal difference in stemming illegal immigration from the south.

Setting the bar on homelessness

A rosier economic outlook and a strong focus on the issue by the municipality mean we're at a point where we can begin to expect actual reductions in Anchorage's homeless population.

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