Letters to the Editor

Letter: ADN takes hard right turn

The paper reminds many today more of the “Veco Times” than the venerable, trustable Anchorage Daily News of the past.

Letter: Stop Kavanaugh

It is past time to put a stop to the dismantling of America. History and the American people will judge the actions of our elected officials.

Letter: Just couldn’t bear it

Officer Corwin meted out justice to a young female black bear, thereby ending one sordid chapter in Bear Valley Gang lore.

Letter: Sinnott nails game rule issue

This move by the Department of Interior is complete craziness. If implemented, the black eye Alaska will suffer will hurt, really hurt.

Letter: Give Kavanaugh a chance

Irrespective of what President Donald Trump’s intentions are as to his appointee, Kavanaugh has promised to be independent.

Letter: Barking up the wrong tree

Anchorage policymakers should mandate elimination of those trashy cottonwoods from urban neighborhoods. Woe to the weed tree!

Letter: Airport noise a serious issue

This increased jet noise is not just an annoyance: It is a potent assault on our health and well-being. We must oppose this assault to the greatest extent legally and morally possible.

ANWR and sensible budget solution

We need a sales tax. A really small one, if for no other reason than to capture the short-termers who just come here for the oil or ulu knives.

Letter: Murkowski should oppose Kavanaugh

Sen. Murkowski can pick any reason she likes — there are many good reasons to oppose him. Her easiest “out” is to simply comply with the GOP’s own “McConnell Rule,” deferring any Supreme Court confirmation in an election year.

Letter: Good luck contacting our delegation

I recently contacted our three representatives in Washington, D.C., about the recent controversy involving immigration and the separation of children from their families at the southern border.

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