Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote Cooper

The current Senate majority believes the only way to “fix” the budget is to cut funding to programs that affect your family’s way of life.

Letter: Vote Sullivan

He is up front about where he stands on issues, his love for Alaska, and his desire to keep our state and country thriving.

Letter: America needs Biden

For these reasons and more, I find Trump unfit for office. We need a President who can reunite our country.

Letter: Negating votes

If Alaskans vote to pass Ballot Measures 1 and 2, rest assured that an incoming conservative Legislature, in the spirit of their Florida brethren, will find a way to negate the people of Alaska’s votes.

Letter: Galvin a listener

Alyse is engaged with the people, and is willing to listen to opposing views and carry on constructive dialogue.

Letter: Sullivan’s hypocrisy

In February 2016, Sen. Dan Sullivan told Alaska legislators that it was essential that the Senate wait to install a Supreme Court justice.

Letter: Over-the-top reaction

Step out of your comfort zone, wear a mask; you’ll be surprised to see how good it feels to send COVID-19 packing.

Letter: Open the schools

Anchorage School District needs to get these kids back in school, period.

Letter: Gross is the real thing

Unlike his opponent, Al comes from a long family tradition of caring about people, especially Alaskans.

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