Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trump is a bully

Bullies can be stopped by our resolve to continue to confront them until the behavior changes.

Letter: Ahtna must renounce its role in refugee detainment

As a Native corporation that consistently extols the virtues of family, Ahtna needs to take a stand, rebuke the White House’s action and at least attempt to prevent them from using their facility in this manner.

Letter: Treadwell deserves Republican support

Mike Dunleavy's only answer to solving our fiscal crisis is to continue cutting the budget, which is already to the point of hurting our educational and health care programs, among others.

Letter: Our own superhero

Instead of super powers, she used determination and grit to finish the 5-K course of the Mayor’s Marathon in June.

Letter: Worried for America

I am concerned about our nation’s people. I am concerned because we are so divided.

Letter: Stop Kavanaugh

It is past time to put a stop to the dismantling of America. History and the American people will judge the actions of our elected officials.

Letter: Just couldn’t bear it

Officer Corwin meted out justice to a young female black bear, thereby ending one sordid chapter in Bear Valley Gang lore.

Letter: Sinnott nails game rule issue

This move by the Department of Interior is complete craziness. If implemented, the black eye Alaska will suffer will hurt, really hurt.

Letter: Give Kavanaugh a chance

Irrespective of what President Donald Trump’s intentions are as to his appointee, Kavanaugh has promised to be independent.

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