Letters to the Editor

Letter: We need secure elections

Republicans need to get it together. Americans deserve fair elections, free from foreign interference.

Letter: An apology for misusing authority

The authority of the name of Jesus is not to be used by individuals acting alone, because of the danger of misuse, and should never be used to hurt another.

Letter: Parking fees are discriminatory

How can one feel other than out-of-towners are clearly discriminated against? Does this discrimination apply statewide concerning other matters as well?

Letter: Fundamental rights

Forcing the agony of an unwanted pregnancy and childbirth on any female is simply an attempt by ultraconservatives to negate the human rights of every woman in America.

Letter: Not much to celebrate

For this silly seat belt assault on the public, all I am able to muster is a frown.

Letter: An unconscionable insult

This is no time to start shortchanging those Alaskans who have played a vital role in their communities.

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