Letters to the Editor

Letter: Misplaced gripes

It is too bad that Mayor Berkowitz is left to make the hard decisions to keep Anchorage safe, because our federal delegation has failed to do its job.

Letter: Education kudos

I am so grateful for Superintendent Deena Bishop’s recent clear, data-driven op-ed.

Letter: Sports inspiration

May God be with this wonderful family as they travel this challenging road together.

Letter: No leadership

GOP leaders do not push back on this lunacy and often support it. Our own congressional delegation remains complicit.

Letter: Character attack on Giessel is wrong

One may disagree with her politics — I have, more than once — but no one can question her trustworthiness, work ethic and loyalty to Alaska and Alaskans.

Letter: Failure of oversight

It’s time to retire Young so we no longer have to pay him to “hunt” on exotic game farms.

Letter: Political ads

The start of political season means we are all confronted with advertising of all sorts.

Letter: Missing a trail

Just because a previous project was allowed to be poorly designed and did not include a multi-use trail is no reason to make yet another mistake.

Letter: Great photo

The photo’s subject seemed blissfully unaware of the dreadful headlines surrounding her.

Letter: On authority

Anne Bradstreet wrote, "Authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without an edge, fitter to bruise than polish."

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