Letters to the Editor

Letter: Eagle River thanks

Thanks to the gas station attendants, hardware store workers, clerks, cashiers, waitresses, musicians and actors.

Letter: Shaken pets

It took a while for me to settle after the quake, but it has taken longer for my roommates.

Letter: Election conclusions

Even though there is some truth in his statement that the PFD has “cemented citizens’ role as takers,” I would bet that had the PFD never been mentioned by either campaign, Dunleavy would still have won.

Letter: Wasteful idling

What could be more wasteful and polluting than a truck sitting at idle for no good reason?

Letter: Mental health care reform

I spent five months locked in Alaska Psychiatric Institute. I suffered because of poor policies and lack of rights which contributed to mistreatment.

Letter: Compassion

I have no problem with Mayor Ethan Berkowitz working with the Anchorage Assembly and imposing an alcohol tax to help provide shelter and food for our city’s homeless population.

Letter: Another con

Art Hackney’s Nov. 27 column says more about Hackney’s character than it says about the ADN’s or Charles Wohlforth’s views.

Letter: Anchorage hazard zones

It always can be a help to refer to maps when talking about natural phenomena or selecting development sites or buying houses.

Letter: Earthquake thanks

Of the thousands of folks who stepped in to help others in Friday’s earthquake, I would like to send a special shout-out to two groups.

Letter: Dunleavy trust

Trust? I would not trust the Republican leadership to take care of my pet rock.

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