Letters to the Editor

Letter: A penny saved

I don’t know how much the Trump administration saved by disbanding the White House pandemic office in 2018.

Letter: Pick it up

Your fellow trail users and local wildlife thank you.

Letter: We need Gov. Dunleavy

Please don’t get pulled into these special interest groups’ belief that things will be better without Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

Letter: Sign HB 96

House Bill 96 demonstrates the spirit of unity with which the Legislature acted.

Letter: Lockdown needed

I realize this is anathema to most Alaskans, but recent history has shown it is necessary.

Letter: Let’s face facts

It is our precious large corporations which anchor the fate of our future. May we help them all thrive.

Letter: Lucky to have Zink

She is a treasure for us in Alaska, and we should all be grateful she is here to help guide us through this crisis.

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