Letters to the Editor

Letter: Thanks from Seldovia for a kind gesture

While spending time with the man who returned my mother's locket, I realized what a wonderful job his mother and father had done rearing him to care about resolving something so small to make another person so happy.

Letter: A legal conundrum

A president determined to appoint judges who strictly interpret the Constitution according to original intent also insists that he can pardon himself for any crime he is convicted of.

Letter: Football protest is patriotic

When worshiping God, kneeling is respectful, but when worshiping the flag, kneeling is disrespectful — according, no doubt, to someone who made it up.

Letter: Development is ruining our lands

This born-and-raised Alaskan wants our natural resources protected, not poisoned by outsiders from Texas and Oklahoma pretending to be economy boosters.

Letter: Appreciating the seasons

We need more Seth Kantners in the world to keep us observant to the simple beauty that nature offers u

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