Letters to the Editor

Letter: Handguns need to go

‘An armed society is a polite society?’ I don’t think so! Alaskans are not ‘polite’ with all this gun wielding, and we’re certainly not safer.

Letter: Hiring logic

When appointing commissioners to agencies to which they are diametrically opposed, where does it end?

Letter: Dividend payback issues

I hope our governor and Legislature will put forth a proposal to return the people’s money to the people.

Letter: ANWR isn’t a good policy example

I found it ironic that authors of a recent op-ed included the current draft EIS for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain as an example.

Letter: Who’s the real fox?

Jason Brune is a biologist by training. The governor couldn’t have made a better choice to lead ADEC.

Letter: The wall makes sense

If we incentivize people to stay in their own countries, we will need to continue incentivizing into the future for however long we don’t secure the border.

Letter: Wall misinformation

People taking care of their own problems is what will really make this country great again.

Letter: We need consistent values

What are we telling children by saying that their parents find bad behavior OK or at least tolerable in our president, but not in the family, clan or tribe?

Letter: Ports or PFDs?

The Port of Anchorage, the single most important piece of infrastructure in Alaska, is crumbling in want of leadership and $2 billion to refurbish it.

Letter: A different amendment idea

I believe we should also constitutionally protect the entire Alaska Permanent Fund, which totals more than $60 billion, from legislative looting or “borrowing.”

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