Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pre-K benefits overhyped

I am not “anti-education.” I just believe that our current model of having kids sit all day in a classroom ignores broader-based developmental needs.

Letter: Stop Trump

Here are a few ideas to put the country back on its legal — and moral — footing.

Letter: Excessive funding

Finally, some commentary writers who make sense but also do not concur with with state or teachers unions.

Letter: Voter responsibility

When we do our part to tell legislators to quit spending money, there will be plenty for a Permanent Fund dividend.

Letter: Legislature should do its job

The Legislature will reveal where its loyalties lie, either to the executive and party, or to the people of Alaska, by what it does with the governor’s proposal.

Letter: Burdening property owners

The municipality keeps passing off bonds to the homeowners; what is the incentive to want to buy property?

Letter: Time for a bake sale?

Please get involved. Step up to do your fair share. The future of our state and country depend on your actions.

Letter: Thoughts on Assange

The best scenario would be if he were extradited to the U.S. and we sent him back to his native Australia, where he could be pardoned after spending some time in jail.

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