Letters to the Editor

Letter: Snow removal suggestions

Science has made giant leaps in the field of snow removal, Anchorage and Alaska in general should embrace the science. Your drivers will love it.

Letter: Closed doors equal bad policy

By not involving members of the community to be engaged in the development of the budget, the governor has positioned himself as a separatist bystander.

Letter: Budget echoes

Brace yourself if you are working in Alaska, especially if you are among the working poor.

Letter: Are we freeloaders?

Do you smell that? It is the stench of hypocrisy, rising to the high heavens.

Letter: Let’s decide our priorities

No one wants to pay more for the same services, but the alternative is far bleaker. Massive budget cuts would result in a statewide recession like we have never seen.

Letter: Support UAA School of Education

Instead of halting progress in its tracks, President Jim Johnsen and the Board of Regents should be supporting the school’s effort to regain accreditation.

Letter: Making our voices heard

I am proud of my community for calling out the injustice of this process and raising the voices of elders and Native peoples and those most affected.

Letter: Thank a teacher

Thank teachers because they showed you that a community can be made tight-knit and whole from a loosely banded group of people.

Letter: Be safe with guns

I know children make mistakes, and this could be that. But this is an adult problem.

Letter: Give Brune a chance

Let’s think twice before chasing off one of the few capable hands on the ship of state.

Letter: Another view on ANWR meetings

Stories, knowledge and language of food security and culture were told. These words touched the soul and wouldn’t have been the same if provided in written form.

Letter: Diversify state revenue

A state that doesn’t tax its people only serves a fantasy. Reality will be painful if we let the governor skin Alaska’s hide and hang it up to dry.

Letter: The governor’s budget

I hope voters will ask questions, kick the tires and take a closer look ‘under the hood’ before they cast their next precious vote.

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