Letters to the Editor

Letter: The importance of the arts

Many thanks to those musicians, dancers, artists, actors, curators, boards and staffs who have kept the arts alive for us.

Letter: Seditious lies

Legitimate authority is based on truth. When power depends on lies, that illegitimate power makes truth its enemy.

Letter: Court challenges

I am sure the judge, as a public servant, would be glad to hear your opinion.

Letter: Tshibaka made me laugh

Tshibaka is a fighter? I would love to see her and Sarah Palin duke it out on the Fourth of July.

Letter: Tax burden

With most property taxes buried in home mortgages, Anchorage property taxpayers probably don’t recognize the huge increases.

Letter: Some thoughts

Every time I read another headline about Texas, I can’t help but wonder if maybe they should secede. It often sounds like a good idea.

Letter: Help the homeless

If homeless people know that other people care about them, it would give them hope.

Letter: Abolish the filibuster

A minority of senators shouldn’t be allowed to stop the progress the majority of Americans voted for.

Letter: Legislators, do your jobs

It seems to me it’s more like a reunion when legislators first get into Juneau. Lots of coffee, cigarettes and shooting the breeze.

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