Letters to the Editor

Letter: Graduation restrictions

Kids are suffering, families are suffering. It’s time to look at more reasonable options for the city and for graduation.

Letter: Liberty

It’s obvious to those of us who think for ourselves that the Second Amendment is on the chopping block.

Letter: ATV lunacy

I cannot wait to share a stoplight in the middle of Kenai or Soldotna, at zero-dark-thirty, with a couple of 13-year-olds on snowmachines.

Letter: Sports protections

Now that the NBA, NFL and MLB have started getting involved in politics, it is time to get rid of the exemption from antitrust laws.

Letter: SB 39 response

It’s pretty obvious that the screaming opposition is coming from the left side of the political spectrum.

Letter: Secondhand pot smoke

Alyssa Keill’s recent letter was great, but didn’t address pot smoke. Why? Is this a sacred cow?

Letter: Divisive rhetoric

Bronson’s words are harmful, immature and not the words of a qualified candidate.

Letter: No background checks

As for people “blowing their lids,” there are tens of millions of law-abiding firearms owners who have never harmed anyone.

Letter: Congratulations

Congratulations to Mitt Romney for winning this year’s Profile in Courage Award.

Letter: Counterintuitive nation

Our country is now so politically divided that on any issue at any time, one group thinks the other is crazy.

Letter: Voter suppression

The country does not benefit from a party that strays from the founding principles of our Constitution.

Letter: More than awareness

I want understanding, tolerance and inclusion. I want less discrimination and more opportunities.

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