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I don’t recognize this country anymore

Maybe some hard-core Trump supporters, who elected him president on a promise to get tough on immigration, can swallow this collateral cruelty as a necessary unpleasantness. But I can’t imagine that many of them are parents.

Thank you to all my fathers

I had a special bond with my biological dad, but he died when I was young, and others stepped in to guide me over a lifetime.

Five myths about marriage

No, you don’t have to have common interests - or a contract.

Dad never let me down

My father not only had confidence in my potential; he instilled in me a driving sense of ambition, a hunger to achieve.

Finally, a president with the guts to stand up to Canada

They inflicted Nickelback on us. We did nothing. They sent us Justin Bieber. We turned the other cheek. Finally, the United States has a president with the brains and the guts to stand up to the menace of the north.

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