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Five myths about evangelicals

They aren’t all conservative, and abortion hasn’t always driven their politics.

Free speech is being tested again

Distrust by many conservatives of virtually all media has given rise to fringe platforms that seek to tear us further apart and undermine democracy.

Trump attempted a coup and must be removed

That the attempted coup failed shouldn’t blind us to its significance or the stain it has left on America. Nor to the importance of holding those responsible fully accountable.

It’s a fallacy that Trump supporters haven’t been heard

It’s not hard to hear the people saying the election was stolen, starting with the president himself. But just because lies are all too audible or sincerely believed that doesn’t make them truths. Nor does it mean they were “silenced.” It means they were heard but failed to persuade enough Americans — and that’s no excuse to riot.

How to stay ahead of a mutating virus

After such good initial vaccine news, it would be a pity to lose ground in the virus fight, especially if it can be avoided.

Five myths about nutrition

No, sugar is not “addictive,” and cooking doesn’t destroy the nutrients in your food.

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