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North Korea is acting up because Trump has it cornered

Trump and his national security team have put Kim in a corner, offering him peace, security and prosperity, but only if he first denuclearizes completely, verifiably and irreversibly.

Drug policies without compassion are doomed to fail

Yes, lawmakers should sue drug manufacturers and pharmacies that have diverted painkillers into drug rings. But let's be honest with ourselves: We're never going to end the supply of illicit opioids.

A reckoning is coming for blue states

Blue-state professionals have enjoyed a disproportionate share of the prosperity gains over the past few decades; if they want a bigger government, they'll have to give up those gains to fund it.

Putin isn’t as all-powerful as he looks

A real democratic election? In Putin's Russia? It turns out they can still happen on the local level, largely because the regime lacks the resources to suppress independent candidates or steal votes in every municipal council.

The exhaustion factor

Conservatives can argue with some credibility that the media and the rest of the establishment hate the president and want to see him impeached, but he is increasingly giving them the rope to hang him.

You can be tough on terrorism without using torture

Torture does elicit information. But empathetic interrogation also elicits information. Even if torture can produce more information more quickly, it does not mean it's worth doing.

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