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Haley stepping down at just the right time

If Trump runs in 2020, it’s doubtful anyone could take the nomination from him. If he doesn’t run, the Republicans could be in desperate need of a minority woman who’s acceptable to a divided GOP and to voters repulsed by Trump.

Pack the court? Terrible idea.

There's one fixed principle that has stood me in good stead over two decades of writing: The minute you start sounding like a John Bircher, you've made a terrible mistake.

Prosecutor expertly picks apart the case against Kavanaugh

Ford’s supporters say it is unfair to pick apart her testimony, because victims of sexual assault often have trouble remembering key details. Fair enough. But if her memory is the only evidence against Kavanaugh, then inconsistencies matter.

Slut-shaming comes to Congress

The tale of the overly promiscuous woman is a recurring theme in the Kavanaugh confirmation fight.

Probes of destruction

Kavanaugh may have been a rowdy, at times unruly, youth. But barring future evidence to the contrary, this doesn’t make him a sexual predator.

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