National Opinions

Is this the beginning of the end of American democracy?

I’m afraid history will show that, in this shameful era, Republican senators were more united in their opposition to voting rights than Democratic senators were in their support for them.

The people we owe in Afghanistan

There’s still one thing the United States can do – and morally must do: Get the people who signed up to work, and fight, with us out of there.

Never let a plague go to waste

During America’s first-ever national lockdown, thousands of unelected bureaucrats, as well as federal and state governments, assumed enormous powers not usually accorded to them.

Five myths about qualified immunity

No, the doctrine doesn’t let officers off the hook, and getting rid of it won’t result in a flood of lawsuits.

The Wuhan story that finally has legs, now that Trump is gone

More facts come out daily about the origins of the pandemic that led to the deaths of 3.4 million people worldwide, including some 500,000 in the U.S. It is without doubt the most important story of our time. And part of the job of citizens, of journalists and responsible political leaders, is to question assumptions.

Will the madness of 2020 last?

By the end of the year, will the media-hungry Dr. Anthony Fauci still be a national icon, as the country finally adds up his contradictory communiqués that were constantly changing and often flat-out wrong?

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