National Opinions

Reversing the Republican power grab

What’s at stake is not partisan politics. It is representative government. If Democrats get the opportunity, they must redress this growing imbalance — for the sake of democracy.

Oil and America’s energy future

Risking our future on unproven claims and predictions based on wishful thinking has a bad track record.

Will changes to American life become permanent?

The coronavirus, widespread quarantines, an unprecedented self-induced recession, and unchecked rioting, looting and protesting — all in a presidential election year — are radically disrupting American habits and behavior.

Five myths about Stan Lee

No, he didn’t create the Marvel universe - and he wasn’t a political progressive.

The conservative moment

The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gives conservatives and Republicans what they claim to have wanted since judicial activism became the norm in the 1960s.

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