Alaskans who have won medals in the Olympics

Seventeen-year-old Lydia Jacoby of Seward became an Olympic champion in dramatic fashion Monday in Japan to become the first American woman to win a gold medal in swimming at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Here’s a list of other Olympic medal winners from Alaska.

1984 Summer Olympics -- Kris Thorsness, gold medal, rowing (Anchorage)

1988 Summer Olympics -- Andrea Lloyd Curry, gold medal, basketball (Juneau, Sitka)

1992 Winter Olympics -- Hilary Lindh, silver medal, downhill (Juneau)

1994 Winter Olympics -- Tommy Moe, gold medal in downhill, silver medal in super-G (Palmer, Girdwood)

1996 Summer Olympics -- Michele Granger, gold medal, softball (Anchorage)

2000 Summer Olympics -- Passion Richardson, bronze medal, track (Fairbanks)


2004 Summer Olympics -- Matt Emmons, gold medal, riflery (Fairbanks/UAF)

2004 Summer Olympics -- Carlos Boozer, bronze medal, basketball (Juneau)

2006 Winter Olympics -- Rosey Fletcher, bronze medal, snowboarding (Girdwood)

2006 Winter Olympics -- Pam Dreyer, bronze medal, hockey (Eagle River)

2008 Summer Olympics -- Carlos Boozer, gold medal, basketball (Juneau)

2008 Summer Olympics -- Matt Emmons, gold medal, riflery (Fairbanks/UAF)

2008 Summer Olympics -- Corey Cogdell, bronze medal, trapshooting (Eagle River)

2010 Winter Olympics -- Kerry Weiland, silver medal, hockey (Palmer)

2012 Summer Olympics -- Janay DeLoach, bronze medal, long jump (Fairbanks)

2012 Summer Olympics -- Jamie Beyerle, gold medal, riflery (Fairbanks/UAF)

2012 Summer Olympics -- Matt Emmons, bronze medal, riflery (Fairbanks/UAF)

2016 Summer Olympics -- Corey Cogdell, bronze medal, trapshooting (Eagle River)

2018 Winter Olympics -- Kikkan Randall, gold medal, cross-country skiing (Anchorage)

2020 Summer Olympics -- Lydia Jacoby, gold medal, swimming (Seward)

This list includes athletes who grew up and competed here and athletes who lived here while pursuing their sport. It does not include those who moved to Alaska after their careers had ended.

Correction: An early version of this list omitted long jumper Janay DeLoach.