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Ava Murphy skis to 3 victories to take overall title in Coca-Cola Classic at Alyeska

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
  • Updated: January 16
  • Published January 16

Jaxon Murphy takes a direct line into the finish Friday during Coca-Cola Classic giant slalom racing at Alyeska. (Courtesy Bob Eastaugh)

Young ski racers battled through fresh snow, soft and rough conditions and rain over two days of competition in the Coca-Cola Classic at Alyeska Resort.

The first day of racing for Under-14 and Under-12 age-group skiers belonged to the Murphy cousins, Ava and Jaxon, who won both of the giant slalom races on Friday. Katie Rowekamp was the lone U12 skier to make the overall podium, finishing second in both races.

The girls set a fast pace — every podium finisher had times that would have put them on the boys’ podium too.

On Saturday, Ava Murphy won the first slalom but Vicky Tostemar won the second, preventing a series sweep by Murphy. Kyler Autrey and Ruben Jeffers split the two slalom wins in the boys competition, with Autrey taking the first race and Jeffers the second.

U12 skiers Alex Vonwalter-Gentner and Levi Jeffers both found their way to the podium Saturday.

Overall titles went to Ava Murphy and Corbin Wilson. Wilson didn’t win any of the races, but his consistency paid off — he was the only boy with top-five overall finishes in all four races.

Competition continues Sunday and Monday with U16, U19 and senior division racers taking over the slopes for two slalom races Sunday and two giant slaloms Monday.

U12/14 boys

Giant slalom No. 1 — 1) Jaxon Murphy, ASC, 1:07.04 2) Carson Engstrom, ASC, 1:07.87 3) Ruben Jeffers, ASC, 1:10.60 4) Corbin Wilson, ASC, 1:11.82 5) Tad Guse, ASC, 1:13.10.

Giant slalom No. 2 — 1) Jaxon Murphy, ASC, 1:09.32 2) Kyler Autrey, ASC, 1:15.46 3) Tad Guse, ASC, 1:17.63 4) Corbin Wilson, ASC, 1:18.25 5) Pierre-Samuel Stiassny, 1:18.84.

Slalom No. 1 — 1) Kyler Autrey, ASC, 1:23.23 2) Tad Guse, ASC, 1:25.80 3) Levi Jeffers, ASC, 1:30:31 4) Corbin Wilson, ASC, 1:30.50 5) Nikko Thomas, ASC, 1:31.98.

Slalom No. 2 — 1) Ruben Jeffers, ASC, 45.47 2) Corbin Wilson, ASC, 47.48 3) Nikko Thomas, ASC, 47.95 4) Levi Jeffers, ASC, 48.73 5) Austin Murphy, ASC, 49.50.

U12/14 girls

Giant slalom No. 1 — 1) Ava Murphy, ASC, 1:07.11 2) Katie Rowekamp, ASC, 1:08.21 3) Victoria Tostemar, ASC, 1:08.67 4) Ali Boshell, ASC, 1:11.27 5) Reese Woodward, 1:12.14.

Giant slalom No. 2 — 1) Ava Murphy, ASC, 1:10.81 2) Katie Rowekamp, ASC, 1:11.44 3) Victoria Tostemar, ASC, 1:13.75 4) Alex Vonwalter-Gentner, 1:15.00 5) Ali Boshell, ASC, 1:16.11.

Slalom No. 1 — 1) Ava Murphy, ASC, 1:20.45 2) Alex Vonwalter-Gentner, ASC, 1:24.00 3) Paige Heinz, ASC, 1:24.61 4) Kathleen Kompkoff, ASC, 1:30.39 5) Reese Woodward, ASC, 1:30.47.

Slalom No. 2 — 1) Victoria Tostemar, ASC, 41.70 2) Ava Murphy, ASC, 42.91 3) Ali Boshell, ASC, 45.41 4) Ava Huey, ASC, 45.72 5) Katie Rowekamp, ASC, 46.49.

Kyler Autrey rounds a gate Saturday. (Courtesy Bob Eastaugh)
Victoria Tostemar on her way to a slalom win. (Courtesy Bob Eastaugh)
Katie Rowekamp looks ahead Friday en route to a sweep of the U12 giant slalom titles. She was second overall in both races. (Courtesy Bob Eastaugh)