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Shifting winds could bring wildfire smoke into Anchorage this weekend

Smoke from wildfires on the Kenai Peninsula is expected to move north into Anchorage and worsen air quality Saturday morning, the National Weather Service warned Friday evening.

"You might want to close your windows tonight before you go to sleep as smoke is expected to spread north from the Card Street fire along the northern Kenai," forecasters said in an advisory.

The Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon and Half-Marathon is set to go on as planned Saturday morning in Anchorage, race organizers at UAA said Friday in a press release. Thousands of runners are signed up to compete.

Runners "are advised to make decisions in the best interests of their health," the press release said.

Smoke is expected to spread north Friday as midnight approaches and last until midmorning Saturday, the weather service said.

Smoke will likely move back Saturday night and be more widespread Sunday morning, according to the advisory.

For information on Anchorage air quality, go to the municipality's Air Quality Program website.