America has an illness

I believe the disease itself is being passed over the internet by the purveyors of hate, racism and intolerance.

Guns keep us safe

Why do people think another law will stop a criminal from committing a crime?

Save the Seawolf

UAA changed my life and gave me opportunities I never expected to have.

Letter: No payback

Timber, like our fisheries, is a renewable resource and is sustainable if properly managed.

Letter: Bad retail judgment

My family and I and will not step foot in that store until that group promoting the NRA is gone.

Letter: Not just environmental

It’s a national security risk when military bases repeatedly flood, leaving planes and equipment stranded.

The future of the Arctic

The Arctic has immense potential, and it will take some interest and patience to understand and feel comfortable with this emerging market.

Keeping Google honest

Conduct related to internet searches, as well as the collection and retention of personal data, may later become additional subjects of the investigation.

Letter: The real issue

There was no need to mention the girl’s mixed-race origin, unless the goal was to present the entire incident as a race issue.

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