Our ports need investment now

Alaska receives 90% of its freight through maritime commerce. We can’t afford to wait.

Letter: Deficit duplicity

Make a seat on that upward deficit skyrocket for the sneaky senator from the poor state of Kentucky.

Letter: Olympic joy

Thank you, Lydia, for making Alaska proud. Thank you, Seward, for making me laugh and cry at the same time!

Standing together for Alaska on the climate

Public perception is shifting and the world is pushing for a clean, modern energy system.

Letter: Bad mask analogy

Like it or not, wearing a mask indoors in public buildings provides protection.

Letter: Canada border policy

Everyone is excited about the pending opening of the Canadian border. Bad news, the trip is one way.

Letter: Vaccine policy

Another thought on vaccine mandates: There never was a choice in the military!

Letter: Set an example, APOC

Dave Bronson clearly had the money to hire someone who could do Alaska Public Offices Commission reports correctly.

Letter: Oil isn’t the future

By the way, oil will never be produced from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Get over it.

Letter: Mask misunderstanding

Feeling conflicted about how you, a vaccinated person, are perceived when you wear a mask in public?

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