Let’s work for a better Alaska

I am convinced the time is now for the state of Alaska to diversify its revenue stream and stabilize its spending.

Letter: On primaries

During the general elections, Republicans, Democrats or independents can vote for whomever they prefer.

Letter: Jenkins plea

Commentator Paul Jenkins presents something of a dilemma to me and, I suspect, many other ADN readers.

Oil tax changes require more careful consideration

Oil tax proponents want us to believe that a 300% tax increase on the industry will have no impact on current and new investments. A claim like that is simply false.

Letter: PFAS action

I’m the proud grandfather of young Alaskans, and I don’t want to see them grow up in a world endangered by these substances.

Letter: Truck guns

I’m a 72-year-old born in Anchorage and have always carried a truck gun.

Letter: No free rides

Perhaps it is time to examine our tax exemption on “pass-through” entities and eliminate it.

Letter: Honesty is out

Stories about our leaders’ character were intended to inspire integrity and teach us the value of leaders who tell the truth. What happened?

Letter: Fish can hear

So far, I haven’t found anyone who thinks allowing jet skis in Kachemak Bay makes sense — but I have to admit that I haven’t yet asked the governor.

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