Building a new trail in Chugach State Park

Today, there is great uncertainty in Alaska and the world. What is certain is that Chugach State Park will be enjoyed by Alaskans long into the future.

Open season for fraud

While community spread of the virus can create havoc, community spread of what to watch for can stop fraud in its tracks

Letter: Delayed testing

If my test still hadn’t been processed after two weeks, how many other tests are delayed?

Letter: Blood therapy

We’re told an antiviral drug for COVID-19 is as far off as next year.

Letter: Support the Postal Service

If the Postal Service is privatized, does anyone really think that service to all of Alaska — not just Anchorage — will remain as it is now?

Letter: Keep Alaska beautiful

Whether you’re red, blue or purple in outlook, why not be green together and help to keep Alaska beautiful?

Remembering Bella Hammond

Bella kept a low profile until after her husband’s death, partly to protect his legacy. But the two had a shared love for the land and taking care of it.

Letter: Extravagant promises

With more than 90,000 deaths and the economy in tatters, President Trump thinks everything is going to be hunky-dory by his election.

You matter: Mental health and COVID-19

Please remember to check in with those you trust and make sure they know that they matter too.

Letter: No mask, no service

It’s not rocket science, people. Mask up or don’t get in. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.

Alaska is back open. It’s up to us now.

How well we succeed will be a matter of individual and collective responsibility, avoiding complacency and keeping up safe behaviors.

Letter: The invisible front line

I see this as an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health issues both worldwide and right here in our own backyard.

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