Honoring an Alaskan icon and mentor

Bettye Davis viewed the relationship between constituents and their elected representative as a sacred bond of trust that was never to be broken by mere matters of expediency.

Letter: Elementary, my dear Watson

As citizens, we should all want to inculcate a sense of wonder and desire in people of all ages to learn about new things.

Letter: UAA accreditation

One thought really comes to mind in hearing of this: Mass shootings at schools, and now this.

Letter: Not our problem

Why is the U.S. president, or am I, more responsible for refugees than Daniel Ortega or Jimmy Morales or Salvador Sánchez Cerén?

Letter: How to end the shutdown

The quickest and most reasonable way to end the government shutdown would be to halt the paychecks of the U.S. House and Senate.

An ode to Betsy, the Hillside cow

You haven’t seen the inside of four walls since just after the summer solstice; I can’t even see the sky from the room where I’m writing this.

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