Letter: Two cities

Our efforts to date have not been effective and a different approach is certainly worth trying.

Letter: Get USPS back on track

I ask our two U.S. Senators and one Representative to immediately step in to restore the Postal Service.

Letter: Facts matter

Now is the time to get smart and start believing doctors and scientists as if our lives depended on it, because they do.

Letter: The postal service

I am not going to give up my postal service to anyone trying to hold me hostage to get my vote.

Letter: Virus survivor concerns

Please wear a mask if you can, and be nice to the people who care enough about your health to wear one.

Letter: Missing a dear friend

Let’s channel Chris’ caring concern, endearing smile and warm greetings. Life is too short to do otherwise.

Letter: Hospital use

You might want to investigate why we are destroying the economy for a disease that only has used 1.9% of our hospital capacity.

Letter: Two sets of rules

The mechanism is in place to continue the exponential spread of this disease, facilitated by lack of uniform basic methods of exposure reduction.

Letter: Reading recommendations

I would like to express my thanks to Loki Gate Tobin for her commentary about the meaning of white privilege.

Letter: Constitutional law

It is entirely logical to me that the Legislature would meet at Juneau, as it has done for years and years, regular session or otherwise.

Letter: Keep voting safe

This pandemic changes everything with regard to accessing the polls.

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