Letter: Respect nature, fight climate change

The Tlingit believe that every creature has a soul and all life is of equal value; plants, trees, birds, fish, animals and human beings are equally respected.

Letter: No adjectives needed

Why do we put adjectives before the word American? Why do we insist on attaching some country or continent before it?

Letter: Casting a wide net

Trafficking in children’s minds? Am I the only one who has a problem with children being used this way?

Letter: Electric elections

As a former CEA board member, I know the type of decision-making needed to keep such a complex utility running smoothly.

A teachable moment

A slogan like “Black Rifles Matter” deliberately makes use of our ignorance and is meant to keep whites from understanding the reality and the seriousness of the non-white experience.

Letter: Don’t cut ferry service

If the state wants to shut down small ferry-serviced villages and towns and make everyone move to the urban centers, then shutting down the ferry system is the way to do it.

Letter: Dividend isn’t a right

I believe the dividend is a gift from the government, and salary also dictates its individual importance.

Letter: Citywide cleanup falls short

Sadly, we Alaskans have become somewhat accustomed to looking at litter along our highways and byways, but I’m sure most tourists aren’t.

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