Letter: Shelter proposal

I have spoken to many people living in the area of the proposed mass shelter. There are major concerns.

Letter: RIP, Tom Fink

I was proud to call Tom my friend. I’ll miss him.

Letter: Unaddressed health issues

Alaska could reduce unnecessary trauma to psychiatric patients during treatment and transportation, but someone in power has to take the lead.

Letter: Plane safety

Alaskans will often have to balance risk with meaningful activity.

Is AIDEA for Alaskans?

AIDEA has had many bad investments and showcases a culture of bad practices.

Letter: Voting bills

This would be a meaningful step toward justice by protecting voting rights for all Americans.

Letter: Homelessness compromise

I hope that the incoming Bronson administration and the Assembly can come up with a compromise.

Letter: Preserving democracy

It’s time we act to preserve our democracy and restore a functional government. Do you agree?

Letter: Estate tax changes

The Biden administration wants to raise the estate taxes when someone dies.

Letter: Women’s roles

Women are not destroying America. They are just living their lives and trying to make the world a better place for families.

Letter: Bravo, Davidson

President Davidson is a true influencer who works with love for children and families in Alaska.

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