Letter: Counterintuitive nation

Our country is now so politically divided that on any issue at any time, one group thinks the other is crazy.

Letter: Voter suppression

The country does not benefit from a party that strays from the founding principles of our Constitution.

Letter: More than awareness

I want understanding, tolerance and inclusion. I want less discrimination and more opportunities.

Letter: Thanks, therapists

Thanks to the PT and OT, can still walk naturally, with no cane in good weather.

Letter: No Biden shorthand, please

The use of “Biden” instead of the “feds” or the “federal government” increases polarization.

Letter: Leftists’ loss

I think the conservatives lingered in line a lot longer when God handed out common sense.

Letter: Homeless resources

I never met a 30-year-old individual who woke up in the morning and made the decision to become homeless.

Letter: License to kill

Now, the debate is about whether licenses and insurance will be required. That too is a complete distraction.

Letter: Not sick?

This is the kind of nonsensical thought that will keep the COVID-19 scourge around for years.

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