Judge Kavanaugh deserves better

Millions of voters, in western states and throughout America, demand the right to decide the great questions facing our vast nation. To do that, we need judges who believe in the Constitution.

Is growth always good?

We have it in our hearts now that more is better, that growth is our life watchword. But just maybe, slowing to smell the roses would be more rewarding.

A time to mourn

The death of Aretha Franklin led me to research what happened to an old pen pal, Col. Wm. Dougald MacMillan IV.

Why I’m running with Mark Begich

There is work to be done, but if we come together and focus on our future - not politics - I know we will build a better Alaska for our children and grandchildren.

Sexual assault survivors deserve better care

An effort I'm co-sponsoring will help ensure that all survivors, no matter their location, will have access to the only exam that can assist them in their journey for justice.

The wrath of Omarosa

Is what we’re seeing a crude pro-Trump political purge to damage the credibility of witnesses and to protect him from special counsel Robert Mueller? Or is America on the verge of understanding the so-called deep state and its intelligence community puppet masters?

Letter: Treadwell the right choice for governor

Mead has the political experience and background to do the job, preserving your full dividend, as well as balancing our budget and paying our bills.

Letter: Galvin a champion for Alaskans

One of the reasons she has my vote is her strong commitment to making health care work for everyone. The system needs to be fixed.

Letter: Vote for Groh

No one running in any legislative race can match Cliff for the breadth of his knowledge and the strength of his engagement in these important issues.

Letter: Fields is best for Anchorage

This is an important election for voters in our district, and Zack Fields’ experience in government and campaigns demonstrate he would represent our values effectively.

Letter: Groh best candidate for District 20

With Cliff’s history, education, experience and commitment to Alaska, we could not ask for a better candidate for the Legislature.

Letter: Walker an honest leader

On the scoreline of honest leadership under fire, consider: does any other candidate for governor come a close second to Bill Walker?

Letter: No to Kavanaugh

Alaska is perceived as a “red” state. But conventional partisan politics don’t apply here. Republican, Democrat or Independent, we Alaskans respect one another’s privacy and autonomy.

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