Letter: Unbearable loads

Horse poop all over our roads, in front of my driveway, sprinkled like candy toppings on cupcakes.

Want positive change for Alaska? Stand and be counted.

Without your voice, your visibility, we will never realize the potential of a nation of individuals, created equal.

Letter: Ancient wisdom

Old proverb: "If you want to clear the stream, get the hog out of the spring."

Letter: New statue idea

Now is the time to get onboard with this change before it is too late.

Letter: Masks work

So now wearing a mask while in public spaces is controversial. Really?

Letter: We all wear clothes

Why do some people feel like it is such a burden to have to wear a face mask?

Letter: Bedtime rules

When people started begging for haircuts in April, it was clear that independence and self-sufficiency were myths.

Letter: Coming together

As leaders of this community and state, we know it is our responsibility to lead both in voice and by example.

Public process needed on Cook statue

The best public decisions are those that are thoughtful and inclusive.

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