When we shop local, Alaska thrives

As we enter the holiday season, let’s remember all the great Alaska businesses that need our support.

Letter: President’s paycheck

I sincerely hope that White House Human Resources is taking note of President Donald Trump’s ridiculous behavior.

Letter: Dangerous

People say it’s dangerous to destroy faith in the media or in our elections. It’s also dangerous for people to lose faith in their police.

Letter: Poor leadership

It seems that Sen. Lora Reinbold believes businesses do not have any rights, civil or otherwise.

Letter: Hypocrisy at its finest

Apparently, government regulations on private entities are fine when it benefits our delegation’s private interests.

Letter: Words have consequences

Lora Reinbold has failed miserably in her handling of her basic and fundamental responsibilities and duties.

The legacy of an Alaska recycling icon

Mollie Boyer was a pioneer — not only for recycling in Alaska, but as an example of women taking on leadership roles in the community.

Letter: Unfit to serve

It’s time to recall six members of the horrible Anchorage Assembly.

Letter: Where’s the mayor?

I beg Acting Mayor Quinn-Davidson to put Anchorage into the hunker-down phase.

Letter: Reinbold’s dangerous beliefs

She has consistently gone against all science and public health recommendations to wear masks, practice social distancing and be safe.

Letter: Regarding Sen. Reinbold

Until people give up their sense of entitlement, our community lifestyles and our economy are going to suffer.

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