Letter: Gara for governor

I believe Les Gara to be an honest, hard-working public servant who would be an excellent choice for governor. How about it, Les Gara?

Oil tax ballot measure will hurt Alaska’s economy, jeopardize new projects

We want new investment to stay here, in Alaska. Ultimately, it will be Alaska workers and families who will be hurt most by this measure.

Letter: Off-base claims

Ray Metcalfe’s Nov. 5 opinion piece comparing ConocoPhillips’ Alaska profits with the rest of the world was seriously misleading.

Letter: Utility advice

David Schauer’s letter to the editor Nov. 7 regarding the funds from the sale of the Municipal Light and Power seems to be on the right track.

Letter: Fossil find

In the end, those fossils are part of our natural history.

Letter: Get past partisanship

Let’s think twice before voting for “professional candidates,” who seem to have little to do but to run for office in every election.

Letter: Wake up to climate change

One might think it wise to consider the science-based predictions and potential consequences of “business as usual.”

Letter: State perpetuates mistreatment

The Legislature should pass laws that protect the disabled in the grievance process. Waiting for the courts will be at a high cost.

Letter: On the matter of studs

There is no doubt that studs increase road wear and rutting, but not nearly as much as they are blamed for.

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