Proposed Bristol Bay protections have never been more important

Pebble’s review process has failed us, leaving Alaskans who depend on the Bristol Bay fishery for our culture and livelihood at risk.

Letter: Forget-me-not

Let us find a path of true and undying love for our state. Let us cling to the connections that bind us together as Alaskans.

Letter: UAA money

Why is the University of Alaska Anchorage spending so much money on advertising against the governor cutting their funding?

Letter: Just the beginning

Can you imagine three more years of this? Is it not clear that Alaskans must find a leader more suited to the challenges that face us?

Letter: Petty dictatorships

It is our duty as patriots and citizens to stand up to both administrations and make sure we vote these two individuals out of office.

Letter: Legislative fiasco

How can Republicans do anything but blindly follow their leaders when their own members punish them for not voting the party line? What a circus.

Letter: Support the common good

In short, Alaskans may all be a bit richer for the short term, but Alaska will be much poorer in the long run.

Which Alaska do we want?

Every day without action compounds the uncertainty and hardship already facing Alaskans. Legislators, find a way to count to 45.

Letter: Dunleavy is no Republican

A Christian would never cut people off at the knees, just when they are trying to raise themselves up.

Letter: Soccer glory

What a time it has been this summer for U.S. soccer fans!

Where does the current path lead?

We finally have a governor intent on solving the problem. We just need a Legislature that acknowledges the issue and will rise above childish nose-thumbing to solve it.

To the moon, Alaska!

Due to the modern breakdown in community values, in family and in our unifying myths, we have forgotten how to bridge the gulf of differences that separate us.

A letter to our Alaska community

The governor’s vetoes mean 140 additional people will be sleeping outside in and near Anchorage. We cannot do any more with any less. We already operate on the margin.

Alaska Stalker

A lighthearted roundup of the best and worst of Alaska’s social media landscape and political gossip.

Is it time to fight or compromise?

I am ready to fight, but that’s not what I am going to do, at least for now. I hope a meaningful compromise is reached in the next few days.

Letter: The ‘brain drain’ is real

When we talk about the brain drain that will come from the budget cuts, we are talking about me and my students.

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