Letter: The pandemic isn’t over

There is no question the pandemic upended our schools and economy and our lives. But pretending is not going to restore normal.

Letter: Bring back balloons

The Anchorage tourism industry should consider the potential for increased business by promoting an annual hot air balloon festival.

Letter: True colors

Bronson tries to portray himself as a “center-right” candidate. I don’t buy that. He is about as far right as they come.

Letter: Lynx encounter

Bill Sherwonit figures lynx are shy and wouldn’t attack a person.

Letter: Pandemic expertise

Who should I believe the most regarding COVID-19 and health precautions? Dr. Ben Westley or Mr. Dave Bronson?

Letter: Words matter

Words are powerful — be careful how you use them.

Letter: Wrong direction

Bronson is far from qualified for the office of mayor. He lacks answers. He lacks plans. He lacks understanding.

Letter: Stopping the virus

It is only by masking and distancing that we will avoid another surge.

Letter: Graduation regalia

Keeping the ceremony simple and uniform is inclusive and keeps the focus on the shared achievement.

Letter: Political speech

Among other reasons, I oppose S 1 for its deleterious impact on speech from all sides of the political spectrum.

Letter: Where are our leaders?

The vaccines are very safe and very effective, and are our way out of the pandemic and economic recession.

Letter: Misguided opinion

Alaska is one of fewer than 10 states with a specific constitutional right to privacy.

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