Letter: #MeToo is gospel

The disruption that is required to bring about real change is painful. Those empowered by the current state of affairs will find their empowerment put at risk.

Letter: I don’t trust Dunleavy

His fiscal plan is another version of the standard “oil will save us” disconnect from reality.

Letter: Walker is a straight shooter

In my current communications staff role for Gov. Walker, I can tell you with confidence he is a thoughtful and authentic man.

Letter: Plea deal questions

Judges don’t make the laws, but it is not clear in my mind if the prosecution came up with the only case possible.

Letter: A prudent security investment

I would like to take this moment to thank Anchorage voters, who passed a school bond just a few years ago that funded door security in elementary schools throughout the district.

Letter: Salmon protection

Today, salmon are almost extinct in some 40 percent of the rivers where they existed in Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho.

Letter: A scary time for men?

President Donald Trump’s latest quote about it being “a very scary time for young men” because of fear of false accusations shows he’s tone deaf.

Action, not talk, will make Alaska safe

During the past four years, our elected leaders haven’t just failed to make things better, they have actually gotten worse. We can and must do better.

How are you choosing your health care plan this year?

Even with fair estimates from doctors, without knowing insurance payment rates, it’s impossible to calculate the out-of-pocket costs a patient can be responsible for after insurer reimbursement.

Bristol Bay leaders urge approval of salmon initiative

The current rules are from a different time and they need to be updated. Ballot Measure 1 is a sensible update that would provide a stronger and more transparent science-based permitting system.

Don’t take a leader like Lisa Murkowski for granted

Lisa refuses to be labeled by anything other than someone who will study the facts, make the case and then take a position. That’s a notion we all need to respect, because it defies today’s politics in many ways.

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