Bristol Bay is open for business

Opposition to the Pebble mine has never followed party lines or been a red, blue or green issue. It’s an Alaska issue.

Facing our earthquakes together

There is no individual brokenness that doesn’t affect all of us as a whole. And the truth is, we all need rescue, because we all fall down.

In defense of the plastic bag ban

Our carbon footprints and disposable plastics are creating a less and less habitable world for many species, including us.

Red lantern award for education

Alaska students don’t measure up when it comes to nationwide standards. The Legislature needs to do more for schools.

A tip for Tariff Man

These tariffs function exactly like taxes. By imposing them, you have in effect raised taxes on most Americans. You have made Americans poorer.

Letter: Eagle River thanks

Thanks to the gas station attendants, hardware store workers, clerks, cashiers, waitresses, musicians and actors.

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