Celebrate World Fishing Day

If you aren't familiar with the plight of wild salmon outside of Alaska, you might not realize just how lucky we are.

Letter: Litter an unfortunate sign of the times

Being a habitual trash-recovery individual, I have been offered the luxury of assessing the form and content of the trash tossed along our byways.

Letter: Leaders silent too long on caging kids

Americans are throwing children into cages! This is a shameful new manifestation of government cruelty that violates all sense of human decency.

Bad bear advice might be worse than no advice at all

Contrary to John Schandelmeier’s unsourced opinion, bear spray works quite well in situations where you are threatened by a bear at close range, which is the very essence of a bear attack.

America needs a better border solution

The vital work of securing our borders can, and must, be accomplished without systematically tearing apart families. It is pointless to defend our borders if we give up on the values they are supposed to protect.

Letter: Thanks from Seldovia for a kind gesture

While spending time with the man who returned my mother's locket, I realized what a wonderful job his mother and father had done rearing him to care about resolving something so small to make another person so happy.

Letter: A legal conundrum

A president determined to appoint judges who strictly interpret the Constitution according to original intent also insists that he can pardon himself for any crime he is convicted of.

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