Candidates address port, bar hours, I/M

Editor's note: Anchorage mayoral candidates Eric Croft and Dan Sullivan responded to a Daily News/ questionnaire in late February. Here is how the candidates answered some of the questions.

Q. Are you for or against doing away with the I/M program for vehicles?

Croft: I believe we should get rid of the I/M program because the expense and inconvenience of the program exceeds its value in protecting air quality. I will investigate other ways to protect air quality that are less of a hassle for Anchorage residents.

Sullivan: I co-sponsored the ordinance that would have ended the I/M program. It was resurrected after I left the Assembly, which I think is a mistake.

Q. Should bars be allowed to stay open an hour longer, without serving alcohol, to give patrons more time to find ways home?

Croft: I do not support extending bar hours.

Sullivan: There are times when that seems appropriate, particularly on days like New Year's Eve when the availability of taxis is a problem.

Q. some argue that the $700 million expansion of the city-owned Port of Anchorage is more ambitious in scope than can be justified by expected ship traffic there. Why, specifically, do you agree or disagree?

Croft: I agree that the port should be expanded because it will create jobs and help lower the cost of goods in Anchorage and throughout the state. The $700 million expansion of the port seems is overly ambitious, which is why I support a smaller port expansion, in discrete stages, and making sure each stage has sufficient money in hand. Anchorage should not be left holding the bag on this project.

Sullivan: The project is planned in phases so that additions can be made as the marine traffic needs necessitate expansion. Building this crucial infrastructure now while the costs are lower will serve Anchorage and the rest of the state for generations to come.