Second accuser describes rape by Anchorage policeman

Casey Grove

An ex-Anchorage police officer charged with multiple sexual assaults faced his second accuser Thursday as the woman testified that he raped her at a downtown police substation in April 2009.

Anthony Rollins' defense attorney claims the sex was consensual.

The woman testified that she'd had a couple shots of liquor the night of her arrest for drunken driving. Her boyfriend had broken up with her just before she was pulled over for tailgating and flashing her high beams at a truck that had cut her off in traffic.

"I was upset, crying that he broke up with me," she testified.

The woman, now 21, said she was wearing a mini-skirt and a halter top.

She failed field sobriety tests, and an officer put her in Rollins' custody.

At the substation, Rollins tested her breath-alcohol content. The machine gave a reading of 0.03, under the legal limit of 0.08, and therefore she wasn't going to be charged, she said.

As he was reading the results, Rollins began stroking her hair and touching her face, making her feel uncomfortable, she testified.

Rollins' comments turned sexual, she said. Then he pulled out his penis and a condom, she said.

"I stood up to look around, to see if there were any cameras or people around," she testified.

She told Rollins he risked losing his job if he did anything, thinking that would stop whatever he had planned.

Rollins turned her around, pulled down her underwear and had sex with her, she said. She was still handcuffed.

"I said 'no,' " she testified.

During the cross-examination, Rollins' attorney Susan Carney disputed the woman's claim that she'd told Rollins she did not want to have sex.

Carney said the woman had not told the police in initial interviews or the grand jury that she told Rollins "no."

"You didn't tell him 'no,' did you?" Carney asked.

"Yes, I did," the woman said.

Prosecutors played voicemails Rollins left in the following days on her phone and showed text messages to the court to her from Rollins that he sent almost two weeks later.

Some of the text messages were sent the same night Rollins is accused of forcing oral sex on another woman, who testified Tuesday.

In the text messages, which span several hours, Rollins asks, “U forget about me”, calls himself “your favorite officer,” and asks, “Am I bothering u”

Hours later, after the forced oral sex allegedly occurred, Rollins texted again.

“Ok, I don’t want to mess things up for u but I would like to keep in touch and would like very much to see u again,” according to the state’s evidence seized from the victim’s cell phone.

About three weeks later, Rollins later called her to ask that she not tell police anything about their encounter, because he was by then being investigated.

“I said, 'Yes, I’m not going to say anything,’ ” she testified.

“Why?” Marshall asked.

“Because he’s a cop, and I’m young,” she said.