Attempted sexual abuse of girl, 3, nets 99-year sentence

Lisa Demer

An Anchorage judge on Tuesday sentenced a man to 99 years in prison for attempted sexual abuse of a minor. That's the mandatory sentence for a third felony sex offense under a 2006 state law, according to Anchorage District Attorney Adrienne Bachman.

Victor W. Olson, who is in his 50s, had previously been convicted of sexual abuse of a minor in 1996 and 1998. Both the earlier cases were heard in Bethel.

In the new case, Olson was accused of attempting oral sex on a 3-year-old girl. Olson, the child, her mother and brother were all staying temporarily in another woman's home.

On Dec. 2, 2009, the mother went to work and the other woman was baby-sitting the children. She later told police that Olson had come home the night before with an 18-pack of beer and a bottle of R & R whiskey. He drank the beers the evening before and half the R & R that morning, according to the charging document.

The woman went to check on the children and saw Olson attempting to perform oral sex on the little girl, who said that Olson had hurt her, the document said. She called the mother, who came home from work. Police were called. The little girl was taken to Alaska Cares for an interview. The clinic provides sexual and physical abuse exams for children, but due to her age and short attention span, she was more interested in coloring and couldn't be interviewed.

Superior Court Judge David Stewart labeled Olson a "worst offender" because of his record. He rejected the defense request to sentence him to less than 99 years. Stewart said he was bound by the 2006 law.

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