Speeding trucks turn Chickaloon man into traffic cop

Charles Lone Wolf says the stretch of East Chickaloon Branch Road along which he lives northeast of Palmer is a private road. Angry about trucks speeding to coal leases in the area, he blocked the gravel road and put up a detour sign, forcing drivers to slow down and negotiate his circular driveway before moving on. But the state is objecting, saying the road is a public one and Lone Wolf has no right to block it, reports The Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman.

"We just want safety for our children and our dogs and all the other critters that run around this place," [Lone Wolf's roommate Kim McIntosh] said.

So Lone Wolf put up signs, blocked the road, and sent traffic through his driveway and back onto the road. He said he was pretty sure he could do that because the road doesn't show up on the title to his land and doesn't show up on any of the documents he's managed to obtain. He's pretty sure it's a private road.

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